Child Health Imprints: Saving Children Lives, The Data Way

Child Health Imprints is engaged in the development and application of cutting edge informational and computational technologies including IoT, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to the practice of medicine in neonatal intensive care units across the world with the objective of making early diagnosis of critical diseases and improving overall quality of healthcare which is being provided to neonates.

The CHIL cloud platform also integrates laboratory results, and bedside clinical observations. It then analyses the data in medically comprehensive formats leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, which enhances the overall quality of healthcare provided to neonates in NICUs.

iNICU caters to all the responsibilities of various roles/owners (Nurse, Resident Doctor, Senior Doctor, Paediatrician and Administrator) with an effort to virtually eliminate human error in neonate health monitoring. The solution’s USP lies is in live data monitoring which can be done anytime, anywhere (agnostics to NICU device vendors), generating the auto-discharge summary and prediction of onset of infections & other perinatal health problems.

Once the baby is discharged from NICU, the clinical data at the time of discharge is pushed into iCHR (Integrated Child Health Record) which automates growth monitoring, prescription, vaccination record & appointment scheduler for the child.

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