CODE Technology: We Collect Patient Reported Outcomestors

Our Founder and CEO, Breanna Cunningham started Clinical Outcomes & Data Engineering, aka. CODE Technology, ten (10) years ago with a very specific goal and vision to revolutionize healthcare by giving the medical professionals the data they need to optimize care delivery. In order to make this vision come true, we developed a product that collects outcome data in an efficient and reliable manner without burdening the providers or staff. Our CODE PRO application is the best PRO data collection framework available in the market. Our capture rate is unprecedented, which has enabled and empowered us to build a huge orthopedic data registry. Our clients are using the data to select implants with the best outcomes, reduce complications and readmissions and safely reduce costs by eliminating services and products that do not link to better outcomes. Value in healthcare is defined as outcomes/cost, and the CODE registry is the numerator of the equation. We are elated and humbled that CODE is able to contribute to the US healthcare system’s transition from a fee-for-service to a value-based payment model.

CODE has the honor of serving forward-thinking, data-driven hospitals and private practices around the nation who are committed to providing the best outcomes to their patients. Our mission at CODE is to help our clients collect, use and love their outcome data.

CODE is not a widget or an application or a software tool. CODE is a movement. We are changing healthcare for the better. We believe in combining technology and the human element to provide a superior patient experience and the highest quality and quantity of outcome data, resulting in more information and data to provide value-based care to patients.

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