CQuentia: Leader in the New Frontier of Genomic Testing

CQuentia was created as a comprehensive analytics platform for personalized medicine, integrating genetic test results from our CLIA-certified laboratory with scientific knowledge and clinical action. We are uniquely positioned to gather and apply both electronic medical record data and genomic data toward predictive and prescriptive frontiers in clinical medicine.

We use best in class Illumina Next Generation Sequencing machines, our own interpretation and reporting software, proprietary data analytics, and clinically actionable reporting tools to drive physician adoption to improve outcomes. What separates CQuentia from all other genetic companies is our platform-agnostic approach to deliver our solutions, the ability to integrate into any EMR system and create physician-specific reports and alerts that are personalized to the patients’ DNA and medication list.

CQuentia is the exception in the genomics space because we own all the outlined technology which is provided through a suite of products that deliver actionable medical results-oriented reporting and curated predictive and prescriptive analytics all targeted to produce a meaningful ROI for our clients. We serve the hospital, payer, ACO, self-insured employer, and consumer. As a result, CQuentia delivers value across the healthcare continuum ensuring results today and readiness tomorrow.

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