Life365: Connected. Engaged. Everyday.

Life365 is a leading telehealth and remote care management solution provider. The Life365 digital health platform includes solutions for patients with various conditions where remote patient monitoring and active self-management will result in better health outcomes.

Our solutions gather biometric measurements, and other data, from patients located in their homes. Better patient insights mean more informed care and faster interventions that help avoid costly admissions and readmissions. Whether our customers need to manage patient populations or reach success with new payment models – our connected technology can help them meet their goals.

Our product offerings include:
Solutions for patients – which include cellular enabled tablets, smartphones with pre-installed applications and connected medical devices to gather vitals. Our connectivity solutions promote patient engagement while delivering valuable health information to clinicians.

Clinical monitoring portal for clinicians, is an online, web based portal that allows clinicians to review patient health data, produce reports, and assign patients to staff for monitoring. Clinicians can identify patients that need the most attention and provide timely interventions if a patient shows signs of clinical deterioration.

Life365 also offers services to ensure successful and sustainable telehealth programs – including logistics, software integrations, and healthcare staffing available for in person, and / or virtual monitoring patients.

Life365’s Co-Founders have extensive experience developing healthcare technology solutions. Their previous startup, MedApps, was acquired by Alere (now Abbott Laboratories) for 30x revenue in 2012.

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