Logical Medical Systems: Streamline Operating Room Management

Hospitals and ASCs don’t have time for expensive point solutions. Aida is the most intuitive, all-in-one platform for real-time collaboration in healthcare.

Increase Operating Room Efficiency
A healthcare workflow solution that manages perioperative workflows in real-time leads to increased case throughput and better utilization of existing resources and assets. Hospitals can save nearly $500,000 annually per operating room.

Improve Emergency Department Patient Flow
Aida helps teams in the emergency department prioritize patient care and optimize bed management.

Increase Radiology Throughput
Aida optimizes imaging throughput with collaborative scheduling, real-time appointment management, and mobile patient tracking.

Increase ASC Throughput
ASCs can now quickly manage their backlog of elective surgeries without needing to wait to onboard additional staff.

Increase Cath Lab Throughput
Aida helps fast-paced cath labs improve efficiency despite ever-changing daily schedules by solving the root causes of poor patient flow and room downtime.

Increase Patient Engagement & Accountability
Interactive, real-time patient communication drives better outcomes and economics. Save time and money by automating routine communication pre-surgery, day-of, and post-surgery.

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