Medpod: Transforming Telehealth with a Unique End-to-End Virtual Care Platform

Medpod is a software company that is revolutionizing the delivery of care. Our Augmented Medicine Platform – AMP, removes long-existing barriers, enables the capture and analysis of relevant patient clinical data, and facilitates high-quality consultations between patients and remote providers, anywhere, any time. Medpod is a complete healthcare technology and infrastructure ecosystem architected intentionally to transform the delivery of care.

The Medpod AMP™ software platform offers an unprecedented level of options for high-quality doctor-patient encounters and care team information-sharing, with real-time and store-and-forward communication. In collaboration with our best-in-class partners we have applied extensive clinical research and medical technology expertise to leverage the latest advancements in live, cloud-based, two-way televideo communications and real-time medical-grade data streams to empower practitioners and providers to deliver efficient, optimized, transformative care to any patient or locale.

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