Octave Bioscience: Improving Outcomes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Octave is developing a comprehensive, first-in-class Care Management Platform. Our team has developed novel measurement tools that feed into structured analytical data models, leading to improved decision-making, better outcomes, and lower costs. We’re tackling neurodegenerative diseases — starting with multiple sclerosis (MS).

We believe that to dramatically improve outcomes, we need to improve care management. To improve care management, we first need to improve measurement. That’s what Octave is here to do.

The challenges for MS are significant, the issues are overwhelming, and the needs are mostly unmet. That’s why Octave is creating a comprehensive, measurement-driven care management platform for MS.

Finally, stakeholders need better information that is highly actionable. Octave’s three layer model of biological, clinical, and economic data combined with sophisticated analytics, contextualization, machine learning and AI provide new insights for physicians, patients, payers, and pharma.

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