OrthoTOM: The Orthopedic Marketplace

OrthoTom is the product-management platform that leading patient-care organizations and suppliers trust.

Physicians want a better practice. Patients want better lives. Manufacturers and distributors want a larger market. All want the support to reach their goals.

The Orthopedic Marketplace believes that patients, physicians and manufacturers can connect more directly. Our innovative company combines high-quality orthopedic products with helpful, practical guidance for patients. The Orthopedic Marketplace is the center for the patient, healthcare provider, and product manufacturer to connect and achieve their objectives in the treatment experience. With the OrthoTom Platform, physicians enhance their practice, patients get practical guidance in bracing to maximize outcomes, and manufacturers and distributors provide added value solutions to win more business.

Our inventory management system, My DME Supplier, is the only IMS program designed with integrity, security and control for Clinics, Representatives, DME Companies and Manufacturers.

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