PrescribeWellness: Inspiring Collaboration for Better Health

Founded in 2010 with a mission of inspiring collaboration for better health, we are a leading provider of software and services that expand the role of pharmacy to go “beyond the fill,” and serve as the center for preventive healthcare and wellness in communities across America.

Our cloud-based technology is used by over 30,000 healthcare professionals in all 50 states to streamline the delivery of care, improve health outcomes, and help pharmacies build loyalty by more effectively engaging their patients and delivering expanded pharmacy services, including population health and chronic care management. With behavioral science and interoperability at its core, the award-winning PrescribeWellness platform connects over 40 million patients and more than 800,000 prescribers.

We are proud to have been named APPA Pharmacy Technology of the Year in 2018, and featured on the Inc. 5000 – Fastest-Growing Privately Held Company list for four consecutive years. In March 2019, PrescribeWellness became a Tabula Rasa HealthCare company.

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