PT Genie: Smart Physical Therapy

Located in Lake Nona, Florida, PT Genie is an innovative healthcare technology company delivering turnkey solutions for quality patient care and communications.

This turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system securely shares real-time data directly to the assigned physician.

Studies show that patients recover faster and with less pain when patient care protocols are adhered to fully. However, only 35% of physical therapy patients fully adhere to their plans of care, according to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information; this means the lack of engagement with their provider, inconsistency, and lack of motivation inevitably delays their recovery.

Led by Dr. Reuben Gobezie, MD, a top 25 surgeon in shoulder care and a graduate of Harvard Medical School, two doctors developed the core of PT Genie. his technology serves to provide in-clinic and remote patient care plans that drive improved outcomes. PT Genie is continuously built upon and innovated by the industry’s most talented minds, proving to be a staple for Telehealth, patient satisfaction, and care plan success rates.

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