PursueCare: Modernizing Addiction Treatment Through Telemedicine

PursueCare is a technology-enabled healthcare provider working to solve the nation’s growing opioid epidemic. Our mission is to improve the lives of people currently in recovery and those seeking help for the first time by making it easier to access evidence-based and stigma-free addiction treatment as quickly as possible.

Our unique telehealth program is available via an app for iOS/Android mobile devices. Our app provides virtual access to qualified physicians who can prescribe Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), including Suboxone. We also offer counseling, psychiatry, and care coordination, along with mail-order pharmacy services, all through a phone, covered by insurance.

PursueCare brings together care teams and supporting resources into a network of high-quality, evidence-based treatment covering the entire Northeast, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. We offer on-demand, interventive, and transitional options for patients coming from hospital inpatient and emergency departments, primary care, and community health clinics that traditionally lack timely options for patients in need of help. Our programs are being implemented with insurance plans, employers, and universities looking to increase support options at low cost.

We also partner with leading addiction treatment centers and hospitals to extend existing therapy solutions, provide mail-order medication solutions, increase aftercare options, and improve value-based outcomes.

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