One API (and dashboard) to rule them all.

Introducing the Redox Interchange—a solution for simplifying how your organization interacts with vendor APIs.

The Redox Interchange simplifies the authentication and exchange of healthcare data across various APIs. Interact with any vendor API, manage user permissions, review message/error logs, trigger message re-sends, and monitor message delivery through a single dashboard. 

All your authentication, users, and logs in one place.

redox interchange

Centralized Authentication

The Redox Interchange allows you to authenticate and exchange data with any API through a single API Key and Secret. You tell us where your data needs to go and we take it from there. 

Consolidate Message & Error Logs

Through a centralized design, you can now review all of your connections, messages, and errors in one place. There's a better way to troubleshoot.  

Simplified User Management

Easily invite developers to work out of a single dashboard and manage who has the authority to make system changes and view messages.

Normalized workflows for happy developers.

Redox simplifies how your developers interact with different EHR vendor APIs. When you need the same information from all of your customers, why should you need to change what you ask for? Without the Redox Interchange, your team will be forced to make different API calls depending on the software systems your customers are using. Is that how you want to use your valuable development hours?

Contact our Solutions Team to learn how the Redox Interchange—along with the rest of the Redox Platform—lets you access and exchange the health data you need.

Simplify how you interact with EHR APIs today.

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