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Integration Love Triangle: Redox, Applications, and Health Systems

With the often complex landscape of legacy EHRs and IT systems used at hospitals and clinics across the country, we take pride in helping the most inn...

Redox Workflows

How Redox Supports Medical Device Integration

Innovative medical devices are redefining what patient care can achieve. Beyond heart rate and blood pressure, you can now provide valuable patient da...

Developers Redox

How Redox Works with DateTime Values and Time Zones

Our engine connects and enables communication between organizations across the world. With part of that communication containing information that's li...

Redox Workflows

Integrating Your Telemedicine Solution with Redox

Whether increasing access to clinical services for remote patients, improving health outcomes by enabling faster diagnosis and treatment from speciali...


CCD, CDA, C-CDA ... What's in a Name?

The healthcare industry is infamous for it's aggressive use of acronyms that often confuse people more than they help. Chief among these confusing acr...

Developers EHR/EMR Redox

All About Patient IDs

Sometimes when talking to people, the engineer in me wants to blurt out “just get to the point.”

Developers Redox

Sending Files Through Redox

The Redox API is capable of exchanging patient data with EHRs in a variety of message formats. In order to facilitate the transmission of large files ...

Developers Redox

HTTP Status Codes: What They Mean and How We Use Them

When using our API, you may sometimes run into HTTPS status codes.  Since status codes are an important way our API communicates, we want to clearly d...


HL7v2: Hurdles to Overcome (and how Redox helps)

HL7v2 has been in use for quite a long time in the healthcare industry. It powers much of the communication that goes on behind the scenes at the hosp...


Working With EHRs and Health Systems

This webinar is designed to provide a high level overview of Electronic Health Records (EHRs,) includng a rundown of the reasons behind the rise of EH...


An Interoperability Primer Part 3: Nomenclature, Vocabulary & Terminology

In part 1 of this series I gave a high-level overview of what HL7 is and does. In part 2 I outlined what integration profiles are and why we need them...


An Interoperability Primer Part 2: Stylin' and Profilin'

In part 1 of this series, I gave a high-level overview of what HL7 is and does and alluded to the vagueness that comes with many of the HL7 standards....