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with Redox

Your application will change healthcare, but first you need a connection.

Redox is the way products connect to healthcare. Authorize, authenticate, and exchange health data with healthcare organizations through a centralized endpoint and management dashboard.

  • Fast: Traditional healthcare integration methods take 6+ months on Redox you can connect in days.
  • Scale: New health systems don’t require new development work for your product.
  • Expert Support: No one has done more health system integrations than the team at Redox.
  • A Network of Possibilities: 1200+ Health systems already connected to Redox are ready to connect to your product.
  • For Developers: One API for all of your connections, backed by monitoring tools and a robust testing environment.
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Connect with more provider customers with our integration network

Hundreds of provider organizations are connected to Redox, ready for integration. If your customer isn’t already using Redox, our experience and relationships make the process smooth.

Speed your growth with the fastest connections in healthcare

Redox integrations are completed in just a few weeks, while traditional integrations can take months.

We handle the connections, security and the translation- you get a single standardized two-way connection to all providers.

Redox EHR Integration Network

HITRUST and SOC 2 compliant through your whole messaging infrastructure

In healthcare privacy is essential. Redox’s connections protect sensitive data with HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification, and SOC 2® compliant infrastructure.

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“Every state has its own unique, mandatory reporting requirements for COVID-19 testing,” says Isaac Turner, CIO at Curative, which provides on-the-go testing, vaccinations, and other essential health services. “This can be challenging for an organization like ours, which is so focused on working as quickly as possible to scale up testing services nationwide.

“Redox has given us a secure and scalable integration strategy to quickly automate this reporting requirement across all the different systems we need to work with.” adds Turner. “Redox allows us to be confident this critical data will get to the right destination, in the proper format, and in a timely manner, so we can continue to focus on scaling out COVID-19 testing across the nation.”