Redox Amazon HealthLake Adapter

Connecting to Amazon HealthLake with Redox

Your EHR doesn’t support FHIR Messaging, with Redox it doesn’t have to.

The Redox Amazon HealthLake Adapter allows you to use your EHR’s existing interfaces while Redox takes care of the complexity in converting that to FHIR and populating it in your Amazon HealthLake environment. 

  • Healthcare is moving to the cloud and Redox enables that migration without the hassle.  
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s natural language processing on free text notes without needing to build custom EHR extracts or FHIR translations in Mirth.  
  • Redox supports HL7, CDA, X12, FHIR, Flat Files, and vendor APIs over a variety of communication methods such as MLLP, XDR, XDS.b, SOAP, SFTP, SAML, Web Services, and more. 

Redox is a consolidated transformation service from a data source housed within the customer environment into AWS HealthLake.

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Better population health management

Analyze population health trends, outcomes, and costs to identify the most appropriate intervention for a patient population with pre-trained machine learning (ML) algorithms

Improved quality of patient care

Close gaps in care, improve quality and reduce cost by bringing together a complete view of a patient’s medical history

Optimized hospital efficiency

Informed by thousands of data points, Amazon HealthLake ML models help hospitals improve efficiency and reduce hospital waste

Amazon HealthLake is a new, HIPAA-eligible service designed to store, transform, query, and analyze health data at scale. You can bring your healthcare data into Amazon HealthLake using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) R4 APIs. If your data isn’t in FHIR R4, the Redox Amazon HealthLake Connector populates your Amazon HealthLake instance with your legacy data sources. 

Redox’s primary objective is to help you achieve that meaningful dataset in Amazon HealthLake as quickly and as frictionless as possible. Redox supports all major healthcare data standards, including but not limited to HL7v2, CDA, X12, FHIR, and vendor APIs. Additionally, Redox supports the following communication methods: web services, MLLP, SFTP, XDR, XDS.b, SOAP, and SAML. 

Redox normalizes the data in real-time and aggregates the connectivity channel so that you can receive all the data from all data sources in a single, clean, and curated feed. Redox also supports bi-directional data to help organizations write the Amazon HealthLake insights back into an EHR system.

Integrate Amazon HealthLake with any EHR System

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Speed your growth with the fastest connections in healthcare

Redox integrations are completed in just a few weeks, while traditional integrations can take months.

We handle the connections, security and the translation- you get a single standardized two-way connection to all providers.

Redox EHR Integration Network

HITRUST and SOC 2 compliant through your whole messaging infrastructure

In healthcare privacy is essential. Redox’s connections protect sensitive data with HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification, and SOC 2® compliant infrastructure.

Redox’s security-first culture >

“Every state has its own unique, mandatory reporting requirements for COVID-19 testing,” says Isaac Turner, CIO at Curative, which provides on-the-go testing, vaccinations, and other essential health services. “This can be challenging for an organization like ours, which is so focused on working as quickly as possible to scale up testing services nationwide.

“Redox has given us a secure and scalable integration strategy to quickly automate this reporting requirement across all the different systems we need to work with.” adds Turner. “Redox allows us to be confident this critical data will get to the right destination, in the proper format, and in a timely manner, so we can continue to focus on scaling out COVID-19 testing across the nation.”

Using Redox With AWS

Redox as an API layer with an integration engine. It can read or write to any HL7v2 message, FHIR endpoint, CCDA Document, CSV, or other document formats, translate it to JSON, and expose that interaction as a single API. This allows applications to connect to any variety of systems, in any quantity, using only the Redox API.

For example, reading and writing notes from an EHR is different depending on the EHR used. Instead of having to figure out how to connect to an EHR, what format and API calls to use, what type of security and connections should be made, Redox allows you to develop against its API and Redox takes care of the rest.

The product has read and write capabilities into any EHR used around the world. To date, Redox has connected with more than 85 EHRs and 1,700 healthcare organizations.

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