Total Cost of Integration

Reduce total cost of integration ownership by over 50% with Redox.

Traditional healthcare integration methods are fickle and require excessive personnel resources to monitor and maintain. Learn how switching to Redox saves you time, money, and positions your organization for the future.

Integration as a Service vs Managing an Integration Team

Healthcare integration at scale requires extensive monitoring tools, robust alerting services, 24/7 engineer support, and constant maintenance to accommodate source system changes. Any organization that integrates with 50+ customers inevitably becomes part integration company. In a time dominated by specialization why bring such a unique, non-transferrable skillset in-house? Our sole focus is healthcare integration. Let our best practices become your differentiator.

Save over 100 hours annually per connection.

Your Team Build Yourself Build with Redox
145 Hours Less than 25 hours
Integration Analysts/Developers 40 hrs Less than 5 hrs
Network Engineer 5 hrs 0 hrs
Project Manager 20 hrs Less than 10 hrs
Maintenance 80 hrs 10 hrs

Redox solves your integration problems

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Integration Design
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Integration Normalization
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Alerts & Monitoring
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24/7 Support

Reduce Integration Costs by 50%+

When taking into account platform licenses and associated personnel costs, customers that switch to Redox see their annual costs associated with integration cut in half.

Reduce Development Hours by 75%

Integration work is largely dominated by connectivity, data standardization, and maintenance–all areas Redox is uniquely positioned to solve.

Accelerate your Growth

Partnering with Redox isn’t just about modernizing your legacy integrations, it’s about growth. Our model accelerates the speed at which you can integrate new sites and eliminates resource constraints, allowing you to increase your concurrent integration volume.

Your Customers Will Love You

Provider organizations don’t like exchanging message specifications and customizing their systems to accommodate third parties. Redox eliminates the back and forth and dramatically reduces the work required by your partners.

A Process for Moving Integrations to Redox

Move your integrations and accelerate your growth at the same time

Our plan makes switching over existing connections simple and positions your organization for the future.

1 /

Phase 1: Pre Conversion

Timeline: 2 weeks

As the old saying goes–measure twice, cut once. Our Pre Conversion stage is all about developing a plan that make all stakeholder’s responsibilities crystal clear and establishes timelines to ensure success.

Conversion Planning Tasks

  • Create the project schedule and timeline
  • Create an outreach plan for existing customers
  • Provide Redox sample messages for each
 connection and supporting documentation

Technical Design Tasks

  • Define technical scope and integration workflow
  • Technical onboarding to the Redox Platform

Required Involvement

  • Vendor Project Manager
  • Vendor Development Lead
  • Redox Account Manager
  • Redox Solutions Engineer

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Phase 2: Connectivity

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

With our strategy work complete, we shift focus towards authenticating with your customers’ source systems.

Technical Tasks

  • Redox works with Health Systems to route
 VPNs to Redox’s data center
  • Redox begins 24/7 heartbeat monitoring of each individual VPN tunnel

Required Involvement

  • Vendor Technical Lead
  • Redox Solutions Engineer
  • Health System Interface Analyst

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Phase 3: Message Processing

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

In order to provide truly consistent data, we need to build configuration records that power translations. At this stage, we take source systems specifications and make them consistent for your use.

Technical Tasks

  • The vendor provides Redox a folder of HL7/flat
 file samples from each existing connection.
  • Redox spends two days onsite with your
 integration team to review each sample and 
document any nuanced specifications.
  • The Redox deployment team creates parsing
 configurations for all existing interface 

Required Involvement

  • Vendor Technical Lead
  • Redox Solutions Engineer
  • Health System Interface Analyst

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Phase 4: Testing

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

All Redox integrations go through a rigorous end-to-end testing process before being moved to production. Our teams will work closely during this stage to ensure everything is ready for prime time.

Technical Tasks

  • Redox conducts initial mapped record and functional testing on each interface.
  • Redox conducts end-to-end testing on each interface connection to ensure parsing configuration are complete and accurate.
  • Vendor Technical Lead validates conversions are accurate during end-to-end testing.

Required Involvement

  • Vendor Technical Lead
  • Redox Customer Success Manager
  • Redox Integration Engineers

5 /

Phase 5: Go-Lives

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

The hard work is done! Time to finalize your conversion. During this stage, we deliver any needed communication to end users and facilitate the cutover. Once complete, your integrations will now be powered by Redox and backed by our industry-leading monitoring and support services.

Technical Tasks

  • Once testing is complete, Redox will enable the
 production subscriptions and the conversion will
 be complete.
  • Redox and Client integration team will reach 
out to each existing health system and notify
 them of the new escalation path and ensure 
 that the Redox Networking team has the
 appropriate contacts in case of any issues
  • Vendor Technical Lead validates conversions are accurate during end-to-end testing.

Required Involvement

  • Vendor Technical Lead
  • Redox Customer Success Manager
  • Redox Integration Engineers
  • Health System Interface Analyst

There’s a better way to integrate.

For too long there didn’t exist a truly scalable healthcare integration solution. You had to do it in-house or hire expensive consultants because nothing better was on the market. Thankfully, times change. Start the conversation today and learn how partnering with Redox takes niche, non-transferrable work off your plate and allows you to direct resources towards serving your customers and crushing your competition.

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