Redox technical overview

Healthcare integration-as-a-service

Integrate with any Healthcare Organization using our modern API and consistent data format

Integrate with any Healthcare Organization across more than 80 supported EHRs

Redox takes the complexity out of healthcare integration by providing developers a modern, powerful, JSON based API that integrates with any Healthcare System. We abstract away the complexity of outdated protocols and diverse EHR APIs so developers can focus on innovating.

For Developers, By Developers

We agonize over the right abstractions so developers don’t have to.

  • No need to manage additional infrastructure such as VPNs and gateways – we’ll take care of this for you
  • Transformation of outdated protocols like HL7, bespoke APIs, FHIR ADT feeds into usable JSON
  • Normalization of dozens of field values like gender and language and custom transformations for fields like site IDs

Manage, monitor and evolve your integrations at scale

The Redox platform helps you manage all your integrations at scale so you can stay focused on innovation

  • Automated detection and resolution of most connectivity problems
  • Tools to quickly find, understand and troubleshoot problematic integrations
  • AI enabled error detection
  • Custom filters and translations to help manage the flow of data to and from your application

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Where healthcare and your product connect.

Focus on Innovation

“The biggest reasons we switched to Redox from Mirth was the ongoing costs of customizing messages for each client. We had to invest in a lot of specialized knowledge and dedicated developers just to handle Mirth. We already do REST APIs so switching to Redox was a win-win.”

Glen Colby, Developer Lead, Healthwise

Fast Connections

“For us to connect to an Epic health system so quickly was amazing. Being able to focus on our product during that time and not worry about handling the integration was crucial to this project’s success.”

Shari Matkin, Product Manager, Breg