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RPM brings patients and providers together. Redox is the connection.

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Redox accerlates remote patient monitoring (RPM) and device interoperability using standard API actions that are flexibly composed to support your desired RPM workflows and experiences. Redox connects you with RPM vendors on the Redox network in just weeks, but we can support virtually any RPM vendor, even if they are not yet on the Redox network.

How it works

When processes need to evolve your team is free to focus on building it.

As patient care moves outside the four walls of hospitals and clinics, providers need robust strategies for creating outstanding experiences for both caregivers and patients. Redox is working with a large medical group to build a global remote patient monitoring strategy to effectively monitor patient vitals and incorporate data into care decisions. The medical group realized that they may not always select the right RPM vendors the first time and a robust integration strategy will allow them to plug and play different options without being beholden to each vendor’s customized integration strategy.

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Plug-and-play architecture allows you to design a flexible technology to help you adapt to the transitional nature of patient needs. Rise above your competitors with unique offerings and composable experiences.

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