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The cloud is the operating model for healthcare’s future. Redox removes the barriers to getting there. 

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Choosing to move your data to the cloud is a great decision. But how can you ensure all the right data from your legacy systems can be harmonized and ingested to truly unlock the promise of digital transformation? Reduce risk and accelerate your ability to capitalize on the unlimited scale and AI capabilities of public clouds with Redox.

The Cloud composable integration

How it works

Most clouds are organizing their clinical data repositories around Fast Interoperability Healthcare resources (FHIR®), but many electronic health records and other legacy healthcare systems use older standards like HL7®v2, C-CDA, DICOM or X12. This creates challenges for engineering teams without the expertise to map legacy standards to FHIR or the technical infrastructure to translate and deliver data to the cloud at scale. Redox’s strong partnerships with all three major cloud providers overcome these roadblocks so you can start innovating in the cloud, faster.


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