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Unleash in-house innovation

Your team has innovative ideas but not enough time. Let Redox take care of integration, so your team can focus on building the future.

Compose custom experiences for your patients and care teams

Nobody understands the needs of your patients and care teams, or the limitations of your tech stack quite like you. Redox helps engineering teams accelerate the development, testing, and adoption of home-grown solutions by connecting them to your EHR, partner EHRs, payers, clearinghouses, public health, and more.

In-house innovation  composable integration

Adopt HL7® FHIR® or fall behind in healthcare technology.

FHIR is the emerging standard for interoperability and may replace older standards like HL7v2, HL7 CDA, and X12. However, the transition may take years. While developers can do more with FHIR now, they’ll need to uproot legacy systems or be familiar with legacy standards. We want to make this transition smoother.

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