Find your patients without writing your own search engine

You know their name in this system, how do you find their MRN in another?

Finding Patients with Redox Record Locator Service

Redox Record Locator Service (RLS) is a tool that helps you find patients across your mix of EHR connections. RLS improves workflows for any team working with Medical Record Numbers. RLS also supports a probabilistic match scoring algorithm that’s customizable for each health system you work with.

Join Alvin Loh, Director of Product and Siva Manivannan, Software Developer at Redox for this talk on Redox Record Locator Service

In this talk you will learn:

  • How RLS makes searching for patients so much better
  • How you can implement RLS in your application
  • See a real-time demo of the RLS & ask the product team questions about how you can use it
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