Healthcare’s unique structure requires unique product strategy

If you make it they will come? Unlikely in healthcare. The forces at play are numerous and omni directional. We have seen that winning products and solutions understand those forces and how they impact provider customers.

This series is designed to help you build out your commercialization strategy and incorporate it into the fabric of your business.

This talk dives deep into provider’s shift to shared savings and how that transition is behind where we expected to be by today. Understanding this shift and how your product can help means you can address pain points and can create real ROI for your buyers.

What you will learn

  • How product teams can improve patient engagement and reduce network leakage to drive care management and revenue potential.
  • The acute functional needs providers have that products can help them move forward with value-based care
  • The data that products can provide to help providers meet their reporting requirements


  • Jeff Englander, Healthcare Strategy Bullpen

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