What felt like a paradigm shift in the Covid boom has inverted to tech disillusionment. Behavior for providers and patients is returning to something that looks a lot like pre-pandemic times. Meanwhile providers are looking at stacks of margin eating subscriptions with a new perspective.

That’s just the headline though. Jeff Englander is digging deeper– talking to industry players and identifying how the confluence of sentiment, regulation and economics are impacting the product space. This month Jeff returns with a special expert guest; Dr Joseph C Kvedar, MD of Harvard Medical School and immediate past chair of the Board American Telemedicine Association. Dr. Kvedar is widely recognized as a leading advocate for adoption of telehealth and virtual care technologies across the nation.

Jeff and Dr. Kvedar discuss how tech adoption is changing in healthcare. This conversation will focus on:

  • Supporting technology plays with clinical protocol
  • Why SaaS subscriptions may need to move to risk sharing models
  • The road to true virtual-first primary care
  • New in 2022: reimbursement rates, payment parity, originating site, and coverage of audio only


  • Jeff Englander, Principal Healthcare Strategy Bullpen
  • Dr Joseph C Kvedar, MD Harvard Medical School
    Immediate past chair of the Board American Telemedicine Association.
    American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Editor-in-chief, npj Digital Medicine
    Senior Advisor, Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare, Mass General Hospital

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