Redox Makes Healthcare Integration Simple & Scalable

A single connection powers standardized data exchange with any authorized partner. Discover how simple healthcare integration can be.

Code Once, Integrate Everywhere

Redox normalizes all data exchanged between partners across a single cloud platform. Vendors leverage our API. Provider organizations receive a custom configuration that translates and standardizes data across all Redox powered integrations. The result? Unparallelled scalability.

One Connection

Authorize, authenticate, and exchange health data through a centralized endpoint and management dashboard.

One Format

Never exchange specs again. Vendors build against our API and we configure to provider organization specifications.

Universally Compatible

Redox supports integration with 40+ EHRs and other software systems commonly used by provider organizations.

“Redox is quickly becoming a standard in application interoperability. Their platform has evolved into the largest network of enterprise healthcare applications with the ability to scale innovations across large health systems like ours.”

Vivek Reddy, CHIO, Intermountain Healthcare

A Truly Interoperable Network

Fully Managed

Our team serves as a strategic extension of yours through every step of integration—from workflow design to implementation management and long-term maintenance.

Totally Customizable

Select the exact data you want sent and received for each partner. Our team handles setup and configuration to ensure you only exchange the data you want when you want.

Beyond HIPAA Compliant

Redox has passed an extensive compliance verification from HITRUST, the leading and most widely recognized third-party auditing framework within healthcare.

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The Redox network represents the largest ecosystem of integrated solutions ever available.
A single connection to Redox allows you to share health data simply and securely with the organizations you work with, and those you’re about to discover.

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Reduce Integration Costs by 50%+

When taking into account platform licenses and associated personnel costs, customers that switch to Redox see their annual costs associated with integration cut in half.

Reduce Development Hours by 75%

Integration work is largely dominated by connectivity, data standardization, and maintenance–all areas Redox is uniquely positioned to solve.

Accelerate your Growth

Partnering with Redox isn’t just about modernizing your legacy integrations, it’s about growth. Our model accelerates the speed at which you can integrate new sites and eliminates resource constraints, allowing you to increase your concurrent integration volume. 

Your Customers Will Love You

Provider organizations don’t like exchanging message specifications and customizing their systems to accommodate third parties! Redox eliminates the back and forth and dramatically reduces the work required by your partners.

“Our goal was to introduce our service as quickly as possible, to begin helping as many people as possible. Integrating with Redox got us there far faster than we could have on our own.”

Paul Roscoe, Co-Founder & CEO, Docent Health

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