Our Values

What Drives Us

We hire on the basis of values, and coach people based on our values.
They represent the foundation of our culture and how we want to interact with each other and the world.

Our Approach

Reason from First Principles
Identify and define assumptions, break the problem down into fundamental principles to identify the right solution.

Start with the End in Mind
What we do today builds towards our vision for tomorrow.

Solve the Biggest Problem in Sight
A role is simply a vantage point from which to strike out. Step up to the largest challenges and address them head on.

Our Attitude

Bias Towards Action
Run experiments and use data to validate solutions.
Take action as this is where learning and validation occur.

Inhabit Your Learning Zone
Live in a state of constant improvement. Do today what seemed impossible six months ago.

Challenge the Status Quo
Think bigger.

Our Interactions

Educate Each Other & the World
It is our duty to spread knowledge from a unique vantage point.

Be Authentic
Treat people with respect. Be honest, transparent, and humble. Create moments of joy.

Practice Feedback
Give frequent, honest feedback and expect to receive it from others.

Delight Our Customers
Deeply understand and empathize with customers’ realities. Consistently deliver on the promises made, exceed expectations, and celebrate success.