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Connecting digital health products to provider systems is fundamental to delivering value but the industry hasn’t made that easy. Healthcare providers are running dozens of different EHRs with different protocols and it means connecting can be a tangled mess of ad hoc solutions. Product teams who use Redox skip the mess and get every provider’s connection in a single developer-friendly API that is designed to support their product’s functional needs.

1,700+ Provider Organizations

With the Redox API you can build and scale your application with a common interface for every provider regardless of EHR or format.

Product Strategy 101

All of your provider customers’ messaging delivered as a service in the cloud. Purpose-built workflows you can build product strategy on. Insider knowledge on how every major provider in the US connects to products.

Security First

Redox is SOC2 compliant and built on a broad culture of security that meets the demands of the healthcare industry.

“Redox’s developer-centric platform has clearly attracted the most innovative solutions on the market. And their unique networked approach brings tremendous efficiency gains in the adoption of these tools at healthcare organizations. Redox is quickly becoming the de facto solution for application interoperability.”

Rasu Shrestha, MD MBA, Chief Strategy Officer at Atrium Health

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Redox is the platform for EHR Integration and Healthcare Interoperability

Connect to healthcare organizations using Redox

Your product’s ability to connect and utilize patient data is critical and healthcare data sources are growing in number. Redox is a platform for products like yours to connect to EHRs bypassing the pains of traditional EHR integration. Redox functionality is delivered through one modern API with a dashboard to manage connections to healthcare products, providers, and EHR vendors. Redox’s approach adds control, two-way communication, and reduces marginal costs as your connection needs scale.