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The way healthcare shares data is broken.

Over the last decade, our nation's medical records have been digitized. The promise was a wave of innovation that would drastically improve outcomes by revolutionizing the way we care for patients.

The problem? The electronic health record systems put in place to store this valuable information weren't designed to easily share data with third parties or affiliates.

To date, the answer has been to build a highly-customized, independent connection between systems to exchange data.

This reality is stifling the adoption of new healthcare technologies, slowing the discovery of medical breakthroughs, and financially burdening resource-limited healthcare organizations.


Our vision: a truly interoperable network for healthcare.

Healthcare's data exchange problem isn't about software systems or data standards. These can all be accounted for. 

The problem is the shortage of IT professionals who possess the highly specialized skill set required for healthcare and the lack of infrastructure that results in redundant work and ever growing maintenance requirements.

Our solution: a platform that takes a systems approach to healthcare integration. Through a single connection, your organization can now authorize the exchange of healthcare data with any partner.

We've built a centralized hub for healthcare data exchange. Every node is unique but can exchange data freely with every other node because we handle connectivity and data translation across the network.

Partnering with Redox enables your organization to access and share the health information you need with all of your partners through a single platform.

It all starts with the Redox Engine.


Our platform was built from the ground up specifically for healthcare.

This isn't another white-labeled service wrapped around an open source interface engine. This isn't a haphazard repurposing of a tool built for finance or e-commerce.

We took everything we knew about EHRs and other healthcare software systems and built a platform that accounts for their unique design and capabilities.

At it's core, the Redox Engine is a cloud-based healthcare integration solution, and by using it, your organization never has to worry about connectivity to disparate systems or data discrepancies again. 

Build on top of a healthcare data exchange platform that is robust enough to support your organization's most ambitious goals.

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Single Connection

Most modern technologies live in the cloud. Most EHRs live on premise. Redox establishes and maintains connectivity to on-premise and cloud-based systems and supports MLLP, TCP, SOAP, HTTPS, XCA, XDS.b, XDR, and SFTP communication methods.


Bidirectional Data Flow

Read, write, and query healthcare data with any organization. Our platform is designed to support complicated workflows, empowering you to deliver innovative solutions that delight your customers. Say goodbye to "read-only".


Vendor Agnostic

If a system stores data and is capable of exchanging that data through interfaces or web services, it is compatible with the Redox Engine. By design, we account for any system or organization level variance as part of an initial implementation.

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HIPAA Compliant & HITRUST Certified

The safe stewardship and delivery of personal health information is our #1 priority. Redox is a fully HIPAA compliant platform that adheres to industry best practices and has been certified by the industry-leading security auditor HITRUST.  


Batch & Real Time Data Exchange

Data exchanged over the Redox platform is delivered in near real-time, enabling workflows that rely on instantaneous communication. When the job calls for it, we support large file backloads and batches of data transfer as well.


Data Standards Agnostic

HL7v2, CDA, FHIR, XML, X12, proprietary APIs... the Redox Engine supports them all. Data exchanged over our platform can originate in any format. It will always be translated to the appropriate format required by the receiving system. 


24/7 Support

The Redox Engine is backed by industry-leading support services. All integrations powered by our platform are constantly monitored, and any issues that arise are resolved by our support team. Rest easy knowing you can rely on us to fight fires and deliver speedy issue resolution.


Built to Scale

Whether you are sharing data with one partner or thousands, the Redox Engine was designed to meet your organization's needs. With predictable pricing and a platform that responds dynamically to message volume, your workflows are always supported.

A refreshingly modern development experience for healthcare.

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