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We help health systems and software vendors share data to transform healthcare through the use of technology.

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Need to exchange healthcare data?

Organizations across industries use Redox to access and transmit healthcare information. Our platform and services combine to deliver the most robust, full-service healthcare integration solution on the market. 



Use Redox to build healthcare technology solutions using the tools they know and love.

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Use Redox to expand the value of existing products and develop new healthcare offerings.

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Healthcare Organizations

Use Redox to modernize infrastructure, strategically adopt technologies, and expand IT teams' capabilities.

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Use Redox to access clinical data and develop new ways to reduce costs, improve performance, and engage with populations.

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Organizations using Redox to exchange data represent the only truly interoperable network in healthcare.

Thanks to our centralized design and systems-approach to healthcare integration, every node in our network is capable of exchanging healthcare information without worrying about the technical stack or vendor specific capabilities of their partner.

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The Redox Platform is the most robust healthcare data exchange solution on the market today.

Data Platform Overview


It all starts with the Redox Engine.


At it's core, the Redox Engine is a cloud-based healthcare integration solution. Through using it, your organization never has to worry about connectivity to disparate systems or data discrepancies again. 

This isn't another white-labeled service wrapped around an open source interface engine, nor is it a haphazard repurposing of a tool built for finance or e-commerce.

Build on top of a healthcare data exchange platform that was built to be robust enough to support your organization's most ambitious goals.


Vendor Agnostic

Any EHR certified by the ONC is compatible with the Redox Engine.


HIPAA Compliant &
HITRUST Certified

The safe stewardship and delivery of personal health information is our #1 priority.


Data Standards Agnostic

HL7v2, CDA, FHIR, XML, X12, proprietary APIs... the Redox Engine supports them all.


Single Connection

Manage all of your integrations through a single connection and dashboard.


Bidirectional Data Flow

Read, write, and query healthcare data with any organization. Enjoy real-time message delivery or batch data transfers.


Communication Method Versatility

Redox supports MLLP, TCP, SOAP, HTTPS, XCA, XDS.b, XDR, and SFTP communication methods.


24/7 Support

All integrations powered by our platform are constantly monitored, and any issues that arise are resolved by our support team.


Robust Filtering

Easily set filters to send/receive only the data you need. No more drinking from the firehose.

Solutions for healthcare's unique quirks.

Meet our family of products that extend the functionality of the Redox Engine and combine to offer the most robust healthcare integration solution available. We believe in a platform that responds dynamically to your needs—however they arise.



The Bridge

Communicate with on-premise systems while remaining firmly in the cloud.

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The Interchange

Utilize and interact with all vendor and proprietary APIs through a single dashboard.

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The Château

Eliminate vendor specific variance and execute complicated workflows.

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Enjoy a refreshingly modern healthcare development experience.

Traditional healthcare data exchange is clunky. With Redox, execute the data exchange workflows needed to meaningfully change the lives of patients and providers while using the tools you know and love.

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