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One API for Healthcare Products to Connect with Providers

All of your connections managed and delivered through a single standardized cloud API. More capability for your product and a developer experience that increases productivity. It’s much more than just EHR integration, it’s the data your product needs to thrive.

One Connection

Connect once to authorize, authenticate, and exchange health data. Your single secure connection powers integrations with any healthcare organization.

One Format

Never exchange specs again. Every integration powered by Redox will adhere to a standardized, normalized data specification.

Always Secure

Redox is HITRUST certified, the leading and most widely recognized third-party auditing framework within healthcare.

“Redox’s developer-centric platform has clearly attracted the most innovative solutions on the market. And their unique networked approach brings tremendous efficiency gains in the adoption of these tools at healthcare organizations. Redox is quickly becoming the de facto solution for application interoperability.”

Rasu Shrestha, MD MBA, Chief Strategy Officer at Atrium Health

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EHR Integration and Healthcare Interoperability with the Redox API

Standardizing Connectivity for Healthcare

Healthcare data sources are growing in number and your organization’s ability to connect and utilize that data is critical to your future. Redox’s health data cloud provides one API and managed connectivity to healthcare products, providers, and EHR vendors for connecting to each other. Going beyond industry standards Redox’s approach adds control, two-way communication, and reduces marginal costs as your connection needs scale.