The Best Way to Exchange Healthcare Data

Redox simplifies healthcare integration and facilitates sophisticated data exchange between organizations. Our interoperable network allows Digital Health Applications, Healthcare Organizations, and Payers to seamlessly and securely share data.  

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Integration Services for Digital Health Solutions

We help best-in-breed healthcare applications design and implement flexible data sharing relationships with all of their customers. Our technical platform eradicates needless waste and our network design enables unparallelled scalability. Enlist a team of healthcare integration experts devoted to getting your solution in the hands of patients and providers.

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Innovation Acceleration for Healthcare Organizations

You need a secure, reliable way to interact with affiliate clinics, health information exchanges, labs, and registries. You need a strategy that supports your patients and providers by efficiently adopting new technologies without disrupting care delivery. You need a flexible technical architecture that can keep up with changing government regulations and ensures your organization stays in the black.

It's a tall order, but we're up to the task—Redox expands the functionality of your existing systems and supports your team through the execution of strategic initiatives.

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The Redox team has demonstrated the power of their technology, proven in hundreds of real-world healthcare settings. We are delighted to include their services as part of our orthopedic practice management solutions we provide to our customers.

Brad Lee, CEO, Breg

It probably would have taken twice as long and cost twice as much to have built this by ourselves without Redox’s help. Working with Redox is f@&%ing awesome.


Breanna Cunningham, CEO, CODE Technology


Healthcare's Future is Waiting.

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