The bridge to interoperability is open.

Redox is the modern API for EHR integration. We can't wait to see what you build.

EHR adoption digitized healthcare forever.

The dream was to universalize the sharing of data and revolutionize patient care. Yet standards have become fractionalized. Too many hurdles limit access, data remains elusive and sharing has become too cumbersome. We are the bridge from health systems to the cloud and back.


EHR integration doesn't have to be scary.

We work with hundreds of digital health companies selling to health systems. We know what data is available and how to get it in and out of EHRs. We’ll help you push through the tough questions from network security teams, workflow anomalies in clinical committees, and any hiccups along your sales cycle. Leverage our experience to get your solution live.

With Redox it’s standardized and scalable for everyone.

We simplify the complexity of integrating with different EHRs to a single connection and data format allowing you to better serve patients and providers.

You are the real heroes — now scale accordingly.

You are dedicated to improving everything for health systems. We’ll expedite your integration strategy by handling the mapping and connectivity, so you get a consistent experience regardless of what comes down the pipe. As you grow, concentrate on what you do best, and continue to leverage Redox to do more faster with the team you have. Developers who use Redox can qualify for a Shirtification of Excellence.

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Sid Satish

“The Redox team’s domain expertise and energy allowed us to deliver a complete end-to-end solution to our customers within just a couple of months whereas a go-it-alone approach might have taken us considerably longer.”
- Sid Satish, CEO, Gauss Surgical

Piyush Kedia

“Working with Redox has been great—it allows our engineers to focus on product instead of developing and maintaining EHR integrations.”
- Piyush Kedia, Chief of Product at SwervePay

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