Redox is the fastest, most cost-effective way to exchange healthcare data.

When you integrate with our network, you can exchange data with 500+ healthcare organizations and digital health applications in a matter of days, not months.

Rethink interoperability

We’ve built the network so you don’t have to. Hundreds of healthcare organizations across the nation trust Redox to exchange patient data with the best digital tools on the market.
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Realize scale

Integration is no longer a value proposition, it is table stakes. Focus on what’s important and create the experience your users deserve. We’ll take care of everything from initial integration design to scaling across all of your current and future partners.
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Remove barriers

One connection with Redox allows you to exchange data while reducing security vulnerability. Our stack exceeds HIPAA best practices and is HITRUST and SOC2 Type II compliant.
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Redox is a full-service integration platform designed for the technology-enabled health care organization. We take on the work of building, configuring, and maintaining interfaces to applications so IT doesn’t have to.


Enjoy a refreshingly modern development experience. Traditional integration is clunky, so we designed an API we’d want to use ourselves and then built the platform to make it consistent across healthcare.

Redefine data exchange

One connection

Authorize, authenticate, and exchange health data through a centralized endpoint and management dashboard.

One format

Never exchange specs again. Application vendors build against our API, and we configure to healthcare organization specifications.

What you want

And nothing more. Apply advanced filters to limit data exchange to what really matters. Forget the firehose.

When you need it

Let your workflow—not source systems—dictate how you acquire data. Choose to query or receive real-time notifications.


Reveal Opportunities

The hundreds of enterprise application vendors connected to the Redox network represent the largest ecosystem of integrated solutions ever available. Connect with the organizations you work with, discover ones you don’t.


“Our goal was to introduce our service as quickly as possible, to begin helping as many people as possible. Integrating with Redox got us there far faster than we could have on our own.”

Paul Roscoe
Co-Founder and CEO


"Redox will allow us to efficiently and securely share information and data that are essential to supporting the adoption of novel technologies that have the potential to ultimately improve the care of our patients."

Adam Landman, MD
Chief Information Officer

Brigham Health and Womens Hospital - Redox Partner


“Redox is quickly becoming a standard in application interoperability. Their platform has evolved into the largest network of enterprise healthcare applications with the ability to scale innovations across large health systems like ours.”
Vivek Reddy, MD
Chief Health Information Officer


Introducing R^FHIR
Same old Redox, now on FHIR®! Plus, communicate bidirectionally with FHIR® for the first time.
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Redox Interoperability Summit 2018
This free event brings together health IT professionals to share interoperability success for today and the future.
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Cool Vendor in Healthcare Providers
We were selected for our standards and EHR agnostic approach to integration.
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Integration Doesn't Have to be Scary
It might feel overwhelming now, but this whitepaper talks through the ins and outs of making integration approachable.
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Glooko: Powered by Redox
See how Glooko's diabetes platform uses Redox to provide patient-entered data to their caregivers.
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Elaine Warren - CEO of SurvivorPlan on Redox vs. alternatives.