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The healthcare system is failing and needs to be revolutionized.

Today’s winning healthcare companies see their offerings as components in a greater ecosystem.

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Deliver a future-proof AI strategy with a FHIR data store

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3 FHIR myths that hold innovators back

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California says goodbye to fax machines. Hello to DxF.

The fax machine has been the leading channel for healthcare information exchange for nearly 60 years, but those…

The healthcare executive’s guide to AI

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Transformative value-based care and patient trust with Dr. Kenny Cole…

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Redox is introducing role-based access control (RBAC)

What’s role-based access control? With role-based access control, you will have more control over user access in your…


Read insights and ideas about the future of healthcare data integration.

Discover the future of healthcare


Read insights and ideas about the future of healthcare data integration.

Read insights on data integration

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Integrating healthcare data

Give your solution the ability to connect and utilize patient data with a rapidity and consistency never seen before in healthcare. Redox is a platform for payers, providers and products to connect to EHRs and every other healthcare data source. Move past protocols and industry legacy and focus on delivering the future of healthcare. With Redox product teams turn the former cost center of integration into a differentiated strategy that drives growth. Developer teams love Redox because all of this is delivered in a modern API, supported by a suite of developer tools. We made it for you.