Achieving inclusive real-world data and enabling access to care with Reagan-Udall’s Susan Winckler & Carla Rodriguez-Watson on Diagnosing Healthtech

December 1, 2023
Kathryn Perszyk

No matter how much health data you collect, it’s only valuable if it’s inclusive of entire affected populations. Bias and care access barriers often cause data gaps that leave healthcare professionals with an incomplete picture of who they need to serve, impeding their ability to address disparities and diminishing the quality of real-world data we depend on for drug development, care delivery, and AI. 

How can we achieve complete and representative data to better serve all populations? On this episode of Diagnosing Healthtech, we hear from two accomplished experts: Susan C. Winckler, RPh, Esq and Carla Rodriguez-Watson, PhD, MPH, who currently serve as CEO and Director of Research (respectively) of the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA.

Topics from this episode include:

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