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Compose differentiated user experiences

Designed for innovation. Secured for healthcare.

Redox Nexus sets the standard for how healthcare connections should work: consistent, secure, composable. And with Redox Nexus, application teams get a consistent FHIR® API designed to support your workflows, all backed by Redox active management and industry-leading security practice.

Out-innovate legacy IT

Managed healthcare integration solution

Winning in healthcare today requires product teams to deliver value quickly and to compete on experience. But health IT is an anchor — defined by slow moving EHRs and the persistence of legacy standards. Redox Nexus gives you the data integration agility you need with a full set of tools to support your workflows. Redox Nexus frees your team from the hassles of data integration letting your team focus on innovation and creating the experiences they need to win.

Old legacy standards are holding you back
Legacy IT is holding you back - your app without Nexus by Redox

Modernize your tech stack


Make health data useful by translating legacy formats into modern, readable FHIR.


FHIR wasn’t designed for everything and when the FHIR API isn’t an option, keep your calls consistent with a RESTful API that fills in the gaps.

FHIR API and RESTful API code sample for Nexus by Redox

Scale effortlessly. Secure to the core.

As you grow you’ll have Redox Nexus to rely on, the most robust data processor in healthcare, processing millions of messages in seconds every day. And all of that data is transferred with HITRUST™ and SOC 2® to ensure confidentiality and protect against data breaches. 

Health data transfer is set up through one API so you can expand your reach, which saves time and simplifies your integration process. You can connect to more customers with the fastest and most efficient integrations available in the market, essential for your success.

How Nexus by Redox works

Delight your users

Without the hassle of integration you can focus on improving your core features and building differentiated experiences. Redox Nexus enables you to use real-time patient data to improve treatment outcomes, reduce manual data entry and make more informed decisions.

Redox Nexus features

Bi-directional data exchange

  • Configure your system to receive and respond to requests
  • Filter and respond to asynchronous messages
  • Receive real time notifications

Robust data transformation

  • Real time processing, queuing, and filtering of messages
  • Translation and standardization of legacy data formats into flexible languages
  • Maintain top security standards while processing millions of messages

Comprehensive developer tools

  • System monitoring and alerting
  • Download Postman collection
  • Generate sample messages and send to your own endpoint for robust testing
  • Single Sign On option

The Redox FHIR API is developed in line with the latest recommendations as determined by HL7®

Explore API actions

Compose for a variety of use cases

Care coordination

Ensure the patient record is comprehensive, and care handoffs are effective.

Care management

Improve the patient-provider experience, and streamline day-to-day operations.

Diagnostic testing

Use testing to gain greater insights and facilitate more precise and personalized care.

Medical devices

Use devices to gain greater insights and facilitate more precise and personalized care.

Patient engagement

Put the patient experience at the center of care delivery.

Connect to payers

Help put the member at the center of your payer partnerships.

Remote patient monitoring

Help patients manage chronic diseases, and keep track of at-risk patients.

Revenue cycle management

Optimize and streamline the management of reimbursements and payment processing.


Extend medical services to the home with real time communication and medical record access.


Real-time access to patient medication and allergies information to improve patient outcomes.

Connect to the cloud

Map, normalize, and convert data from EHRs and health systems of record into formats ingestible by AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Start small with Redox Nexus Lite

Are you an innovator and your product is just getting off the ground? Redox Nexus Lite might be right for you. Avoid a difficult and expensive implementation process, and jumpstart your business exchanging simple healthcare data integrations.

Many innovators just need a way to deliver an integrated version of their product. You need a solution that supports common data exchange use cases without dramatically increasing your cost of goods sold. Maximize the potential of your business from the start with simple integrations so you can focus on long-term success.

Grow exponentially with Nexus

Nexus is your solution for scalable health data integration without slowing your momentum. Connect anywhere and leverage health data to deliver a differentiated patient experience, without having to master the intricacies of myriad systems, outdated standards, and staffing an integration team. 

What others are saying about Redox

Breg logo

For us to connect to an Epic health system so quickly was amazing. Being able to focus on our product during that time and not worry about handling the integration was crucial to this project’s success.

Product Manager, Breg

Medbridge logo

For healthcare professionals, interoperability between their EMR and patient engagement solution will be essential to improving outcomes through a holistic, patient-centered approach. We are excited to partner with Redox to significantly expand our EMR integration capabilities and further support our clients across all healthcare settings.

Justin Kowalchuk
CEO, Medbridge

PointClickCare Logo

This partnership with Redox enables us to connect with health systems and exchange post-acute patient information in a simplified and integrated approach.

B.J. Boyle
Chief Product Officer, PointClickCare

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