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Exchanging healthcare data is much harder than it should be. Redox solves this problem while accelerating digital innovation in healthcare. We help power solutions in diabetes management, cancer treatment, care coordination for underserved/uninsured communities, and more. And we need your help!


The Challenge

We’ve all struggled with choosing what new technology to adopt. iPhone or Android? Spotify or Apple Music? Instagram or Snapchat? In healthcare, adopting new technology is even more complex. Healthcare organizations need to select technology thousands of people will use to provide life-saving treatments and interventions. And everyone needs to be working from the same data.

A primary roadblock that is inhibiting innovation is an inability to integrate critical and innovative software applications. Redox provides an elegant, secure, and highly-scalable solution that eliminates these technical barriers. There are thousands of developers creating new and innovative technologies that can save lives but this issue is a huge barrier to overcome. Come be part of the healthcare revolution and help us set the data free!

Thoughts from the front line


The Power of Hugs

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We're motivated by a simple truth: we are all patients. Work on something that directly contributes to the well-being of you and your loved ones.