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Products and services are instantly composable

With Redox, you can move past protocols to focus on features and workflows.

Your product team can differentiate

They can pour all their energy into building differentiated experiences that set you apart from your competitors.

Read how Redox handles integration, so WeInfuse can focus on innovation.

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Your sales team can win

More than 400 companies use Redox to connect their applications to over 2,000 HCOs. Redox processes more than 2 million patient records every day.

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Your product teams can innovate

Experience unmatched growth with Redox Nexus

Unlock the full potential of scalable health data integration with Redox Nexus, and deliver an unparalleled user experience for your customers. Leave behind the burdens of multiple systems, outdated standards, and a dedicated integration team. Focus on creating exceptional healthcare solutions and keep your momentum going strong. Discover how Redox Nexus can revolutionize your healthcare product’s capabilities.

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Compose for a variety of use cases

Care coordination

Ensure the patient record is comprehensive, and care handoffs are effective.

Care management

Improve the patient-provider experience, and streamline day-to-day operations.

Diagnostic testing

Use testing to gain greater insights and facilitate more precise and personalized care.

Medical devices

Use devices to gain greater insights and facilitate more precise and personalized care.

Patient engagement

Put the patient experience at the center of care delivery.

Connect to payers

Help put the member at the center of your payer partnerships.

Remote patient monitoring

Help patients manage chronic diseases, and keep track of at-risk patients.

Revenue cycle management

Optimize and streamline the management of reimbursements and payment processing.


Extend medical services to the home with real time communication and medical record access.


Real-time access to patient medication and allergies information to improve patient outcomes.

Connect to the cloud

Connect your EHR to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud platforms to compose new experiences without disrupting business as usual.

What others are saying about Redox

Care Coordination Systems logo

Everything about the Redox API is so straightforward. The documentation is great, and the endpoint authorization is refreshingly simple. Compared to other APIs, the Redox dashboard log is heaven; it’s sharp and well-organized. I love it.

Taylor Clark
SVP of Technology, Care Coordination Systems

WeInfuse logo

Because Redox enables integration with so many EHRs, we’re able to tell potential clients, ‘yes we do integrate with your system, we have a solution for you’. Every time we’re faced with an integration there’s an additional lift. We lean on Redox to help us do that. With a partner like Redox, we’re able to focus our resources on building the best infusion center workflow application. Redox has freed our development team to work on the software and not require a developer to focus only on integrations. While Redox continues to build out our integrations, we’ve built and implemented countless new features that our clients really appreciate, including medication vial scanning and appointment reminders.

Bryan Johnson
CEO, WeInfuse

NowPow logo

It can sometimes be difficult to pitch integration projects to health systems, but it helps to have a partner that can reduce the technical lift. Doing the patient data sync is such a huge benefit to the health system, and we’re happy to have Redox as a partner to help expedite what could otherwise be a long and costly project.

Lisa Lee-Herbert
Senior Director of Operations, NowPow, Unite Us

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