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Our partners share our passion

Together, we make healthcare data remarkably useful

Support the human connection in health care

Our partners’  solutions and services make the data flowing through our connections even more accessible and useful to our customers, our customers’ customers, and patients everywhere.

When we first collaborated with Redox and saw how fast we could help a healthcare organization further accelerate data interoperability, we had an ‘aha’ moment. With this partnership, we continue to help organizations across the healthcare spectrum tackle the most complex data harmonization challenges, unlocking insights and improving outcomes.

Chris Sakalosky, Vice President, Strategic Industries at Google Cloud

A partnership in action

We recently partnered with Microsoft Azure to accelerate speed to value at Wellstar and enable a powerful deployment of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Partner with us. Power up your integration IQ.

When you partner with Redox, you’re joining forces with a seasoned team of  complex healthcare data integration experts. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know what it takes to keep projects on track for you and your customers.

Redox role

Redox is a full-service integration partner that translates and normalizes data between source systems and your or customer’s ecosystem.

We live and breathe the world of healthcare data integrations, day in and day out, solving what is normally an elaborate set of challenges.

Partner role

Your role will vary depending on what market you serve, but we generally want our partners to focus on the value-add solutions and services you bring to your customers. Whether pursuing a joint customer in a co-sell capacity or leveraging Redox at a specific critical juncture, defining our better-together story for the customer is key.

We offer a range of partnerships from simple co-marketing agreements all the way to deep strategic and commercial engagements.

Our cloud partners

Redox partners with every major cloud storage and analytics provider and many cloud-focused system integrators. These relationships make it easy for our joint customers to ingest data from EHRs and legacy healthcare systems into cloud clinical data repositories using Redox’s Nova product. This allows data to be used by the many powerful cloud-native apps and tools, including AI, machine learning, patient engagement suites, and clinical workflow solutions.

Cloud system integration partners

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Our product enrichment partners

We partner with a variety of solutions providers to make it easier for Redox customers to improve their data quality through data cleansing and enrichment. This allows data to be even more accurate and useful in improving workflows and enhancing experiences.

Our partnership with Verato powers our Redox Chroma product and provides Redox customers with an advanced enterprise patient matching index.

Our partnership with IMO equips Redox customers to make their clinical data more usable by normalizing data across code sets such as SNOMED CT®, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM.

Our solution partners

Our technology solution partnerships make it easier for our joint customers to seamlessly ingest healthcare data into our partner’s technologies, expanding our customers’  menu of options for enterprise operations and workflows.

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Our services and development partners

Redox products help services and development partners reduce integration risks and uncertainty for healthcare technology projects.  We take integration design, scoping, connectivity, and ongoing support off their plate so they can focus on designing, delivering, and scaling transformative solutions on time and within budget.

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