Scalable Infrastructure
to Support Empathetic Healthcare

We’re obsessed with improving patient care and provider performance by simplifying how healthcare shares data.

Empathy. Empowerment. Efficiency.

Redox exists to improve healthcare by uniting patients and providers through easily accessible technology. Technology can dramatically improve healthcare. It helps healthcare organizations become more efficient. It gives patients more control of their healthcare experience. And when done right, technology removes distractions so providers can focus on what’s important: their patients.

Redox keeps patients at the forefront by helping vendors and providers
integrate securely, easily and at reduced cost.

  • Sam Kolich
  • Claire Huber
  • Brandon Hedrick
  • Valerie Gansel
  • George Denkey
  • Sivabalan Manivannan
  • Christine Norrander
  • Matthew Davidson
  • Patrick Shipe
  • Jeremy Nazarian
  • Sean Connolly
  • Brett Carr
  • Lillian Sorber
  • David Beale
  • Dietke Fowler
  • Stephen Herrera
  • Clark Downum
  • Matt Ripkey
  • Lewis Elder
  • Ben Waugh
  • Brett Gailey
  • Kalyn Gigot
  • Andy Pung
  • Tasha van Es
  • Brandon Palmer
  • Sarah Bottjen
  • Tanner Engbretson
  • Jason Mendes
  • Nick John
  • Josh Napravnik
  • Luke Bonney
  • Dan Donovan
  • Blake Rego
  • Devin Soelberg
  • Andy Lebovsky
  • Kristin Fox
  • Grant Hattenhauer
  • Rebecca DenHollander
  • TC Tobin-Campbell
  • Tim Polsinelli
  • Chris Hennen
  • Paige Goodhew
  • Matt Moore
  • George McLaughlin
  • Benjamin Flessner
  • Tim Kessler
  • Nijay Patel
  • Matt Cook
  • Nick Hatt
  • Rashauna Mead
  • Niko Skievaski
  • Jonathan Banashek
  • Mark Grotjohn
  • Liza Gilhuly
  • Luke Turner
  • Andy Kitson
  • James Lloyd
  • Brian Matsuura
  • Tom Jessessky
  • Garrett Rhodes
  • Erin Trimble
  • Dani Perszyk
  • Dharma Indurthy
  • Kevin Czarnecki
  • Ha Mai

We hire on the basis of values and coach people based on our values. They represent the foundation of our culture and how we want to interact with each other and the world.

  • Be Authentic
  • Reason from First Principles
  • Bias Toward Action
  • Delight Our Customers
  • Start with the End in Mind

  • Challenge the Status Quo
  • Solve the Biggest Problem in Sight
  • Inhabit Your Learning Zone
  • Educate Each Other and the World
  • Practice Feedback

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