Redox Pricing

Whether you need medical records, pushed data, or want to send data to your customers, Redox can do it all. Keep your costs consistent while making integration an asset that can grow alongside your product.

Plan feature

Patient Summaries

Medical Records

Access clinical patient summaries nationwide.


Get Started

Power your product with real-time patient data.


Grow & Scale

Scalable bidirectional data exchange.


Custom Experience

Customize your integration needs.

Platform license (annual)
$10,000 $45,000 $75,000 Call for Quote
Connection license (annual)
Per Connection Fee Per Connection Fee Per Connection Fee Per Connection Fee
Simplified Data Exchange
Query for medical records using nationwide provider networks
Send medical records using secure messaging
Receive real-time patient updates
Query support for provider APIs
Write-back data
Non-discrete data
Streamlined Patient Identity Management
Connection Management & Support
Centralized dashboard & transmission logs
Custom error & alerting logic
Selling with Integration
Security review support
Self-service Email support Phone support
Integration support on sales calls
Up to 2 calls
Using Redox
Implementation support
Self-service set-up Functional testing Functional testing Functional & application testing

Essential Features Included in All Plans

Simplified Data Exchange

  • Normalized, standardized data delivered using a consistent JSON format
  • Developer tools and sandboxes
  • Query for clinical patient summaries from nationwide provider networks

Connection Management
& Support

  • At least 99.95% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support for urgent issues
  • Non-critical support ticketing process
  • Centralized dashboard & transmission logs

Sell with Integration

  • Self-guided Selling & Implementing with Integration training program
  • Access to the Redox Network of Connected Healthcare Organizations
  • Promotion in the Redox Healthcare Products Catalog

Talk to a member of our solutions team to learn how you can use Redox for predictable and scalable integration.