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Unlock innovation in the cloud

Accelerate cloud projects with fast, secure, FHIR ingress and egress

Redox Nova is the choice of today’s enterprise healthcare organizations who need to accelerate innovation using the cloud. Redox Nova removes the barriers of legacy systems and security and delivers your data to AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure in modern HL7 FHIR with security at every step.

Compose the experiences that will change healthcare

Cloud-native applications and tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing are opening new possibilities to transform healthcare. In a recent survey of over 200 healthcare IT executives, 97% of respondents shared that cloud will be impactful to their business over the next 24 months, enabling use cases from patient engagement to improved diagnosis and treatment.

How do you ensure all the right data from your legacy systems is harmonized and ingested to truly unlock the promise of digital transformation in healthcare? Reduce risks and accelerate your time to value with Redox Nova, completing projects in up to 80% less time.

How Nova connects your healthcare data to the cloud

Modernize without overhauling your tech stack

Translate any legacy standard including HL7 CDA®, DICOM®, HL7v2®, and X12® into modern, readable FHIR for easy cloud ingestion.

Accelerate time to value

Make your data useful and get the most out of your cloud investments in just weeks. Reimagine patient experiences, reduce physician burden, streamline operations, and more.

Scale with confidence

Process millions of messages from legacy systems in real-time, while maintaining data integrity and security.

Maintain with ease

Unparalleled 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support ensure you keep innovating, even through source system upgrades and changes.

How Nova works

Most cloud providers are organizing their clinical data repositories around Fast Interoperability Healthcare resources (FHIR®), but many electronic health records and other legacy healthcare systems use older standards like HL7®v2, C-CDA, DICOM or X12.

This creates EHR data migration challenges for engineering teams without the expertise to map legacy standards to FHIR or the technical infrastructure to translate and deliver data to the cloud at scale. Surveyed provider organizations stated that lack of resources to maintain and troubleshoot integrations (47%), lack of technical resources to facilitate ingestion and translation (44%), and lack of in-house expertise to map legacy data standards to FHIR (42%) were their biggest challenges to accessing clinical data for cloud ingestion.

Nova helps you overcome these roadblocks so you can start innovating in the cloud, faster.

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Nova features

  • Connection to Cloud Data Store
  • Legacy standard to FHIR translation support
  • Advanced message processing
  • HITRUST and SOC II certified
  • 24/7 production support

The Redox FHIR API is developed in line with the latest recommendations as determined by HL7®

Unlock 360º patient views, artificial intelligence, and more in the cloud with Nova

Integrate clinical data in real-time from electronic health records and other healthcare systems.

What others are saying about Redox

Wellstar Health System logo

Any business unit that can use real-time insights to drive service and experience improvements will get value from the foundation that we have created with Redox and Microsoft. It will help us dramatically reduce the latency from insight to action and deliver better care for our patients.

Rob Zanin
Executive Director of Digital Consumer Products, Wellstar

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