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Real-world FHIR mapping use cases from HL7® FHIR® DevDays

2023 HL7® FHIR® DevDays in Amsterdam stood out in a few ways, and in case you weren’t able to make it to the event, here’s your chance to digest the newly uploaded session recordings.

[Recap] Deliver a future-proof AI strategy with a FHIR data…

Recent surveys revealed that 95% of health system executives believe cloud capabilities like AI and machine learning are…

Deliver a future-proof AI strategy with a FHIR data store

Only 6% of healthcare executives have an established AI strategy. How are you preparing to deploy AI at scale while keeping costs and compliance in mind?

Future-proof your healthcare strategy with a FHIR data store

It’s almost impossible to plan for the future – but don’t you want to give your future self…

Building a FHIR data store

Make sure your data is ready for anything that technology, the industry, the regulators (or your boss) throws at you.

Lean forward: Mapping HL7v2 to FHIR

HL7v2® has stood the test of time, but it’s not ideal for developers looking to power workflows across multiple healthcare systems, or to use data to support machine learning, AI, or other forms of advanced data analytics. These more modern use cases are best supported by FHIR®.

Accelerate innovation by mapping C-CDA to FHIR

We can all agree that FHIR is the future, right? But thanks to Meaningful Use, C-CDA encoded data is ubiquitous for care transition data and information networks like Carequality Interoperability Framework, Commonwell, and eHealth Exchange.

Converting x12 to FHIR and back again

TECH TALK X12 gets lit Converting X12 to…

X12 got you down? Light it on FHIR with Redox.

X12 standards are complex and inflexible for developers who are used to working with modern API resources. It is nearly impossible for every organization to have sufficient internal X12 expertise to deal with these transactions at scale. Redox’s X12 to FHIR capability is a solution for developers looking to optimize their payer/provider administrative workflows without becoming experts in X12.

Payers in flames

In this Tech Talk, Redox Senior Developer Nick Hatt gives you an overview on how the Da Vinci FHIR® project is making information accessible and how to work with it in your application.

Distributed cache for highly available local representations of remote bounded…

The need for a Distributed Cache As our products have evolved from monolithic services to microservices, sharing data…

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