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Nexus - connect anywhere
Nova - Power cloud applications with any health data
Access - fast clinical network membership
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Healthcare organizations face significant challenges exchanging data across multiple systems and formats

At Redox, we offer a comprehensive suite solutions that are designed to help you overcome these challenges and meet your specific needs. Our solutions are focused on providing seamless integration experiences, including connecting to on-premise systems, normalizing disparate data formats, and ensuring low-latency message processing times.

Your organization is unique, which is why we offer solutions to meet your needs.

We work closely with you to understand your goals so you have a solution that ensures you can exchange data securely and efficiently. Our team are experts in healthcare data integration and they are available to consult with you, brainstorm solutions, and provide ongoing support throughout your integration journey. We are committed to your success.

Achieve rapid business growth, tailored to your specific needs

With Redox as your partner you can:

Choose between a simple integration or a customized solution

Empower your team to concentrate on product differentiation

Enable your development team to code against a modern API

Redox Nexus

Redox Nexus sets a new standard for healthcare connections with real-time healthcare data integration that is secure, consistent, and composable. Redox Nexus translates legacy formats into modern, readable FHIR, enabling you to focus on innovation. Through a single API, you can connect with more customers and leverage health data from anywhere to enhance patient experiences and drive innovation.

  • Connect to any application, EHR, or HIE.
  • Redox Nexus handles legacy health data formats easily.
  • Health data transfers with the highest security protocols in place, ensuring confidentiality and protection against data breaches.
  • One API simplifies the integration process, expanding reach, and connecting with more customers.
Nexus - connect anywhere

Redox Nova

Redox Nova accelerates healthcare data integration to the cloud, unlocking full patient views and AI with real-time clinical data from EHRs other healthcare systems. Translate legacy standards like HL7 CDA®, DICOM®, HL7v2®, and X12® into FHIR and onboard into AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure clinical data repositories. Connect legacy data standards to the cloud quickly and effortlessly with Nova.

Nova - Power cloud applications with any health data

Redox Access

Connect to national clinical networks CareEquality and DirectTrust with Redox Access. Send and receive patient data without requiring lengthy BAAs or costly system implementations. Create seamless transfers and ensure continuity of care between clinical networks and EHRs using real-time patient data.

Access - fast clinical network membership

Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato

Maximize the value of your Redox API and confidently identify patients by automating identity resolution of patient records. Redox Chroma matches and merges patient records using customized identifiers, linking patient identity records across multiple data sources for improved decision-making, operational efficiency, and patient experience.

Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato - Easy patient match across any data source

Trust in security protocols that are continuously monitored to maintain an industry-leading secure framework

HITRUST r2 assesstment seal



What others are saying about Redox

Wellstar Health System logo

Any business unit that can use real-time insights to drive service and experience improvements will get value from the foundation that we have created with Redox and Microsoft. It will help us dramatically reduce the latency from insight to action and deliver better care for our patients.

Rob Zanin
Executive Director of Digital Consumer Products, Wellstar

Care Coordination Systems logo

Everything about the Redox API is so straightforward. The documentation is great, and the endpoint authorization is refreshingly simple. Compared to other APIs, the Redox dashboard log is heaven; it’s sharp and well-organized. I love it.

Mark Switaj
CEO, Roundtrip

Brigham and Women's Hospital logo

We’re eager to be better partners to our colleagues at digital health startups and large vendors alike. This platform will allow us to efficiently and securely share information and data that are essential to supporting the development of novel technologies that have the potential to ultimately improve the care of our patients.

Adam Landman
CEO, Medbridge

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