Connect your application to any healthcare organization while saving hundreds of hours of developer and administration work.

EHR Integration API

Connect to any healthcare organization

Redox® is the most connected platform for healthcare products and services that need to integrate to provider EHRs, HIEs and networks like Carequality. Redox customers include products, payers and service providers. They use Redox as healthcare integration as a service presented as a single, standard, secure API endpoint. One connection to Redox speeds customer acquisition and increases developer productivity.

Redox eliminates the data challenges of healthcare across your entire connection mix

One Connection

There are thousands of providers using over 80 EHRs with variations across implementations, security standards and legacy tech- all standardized through the Redox EHR Integration API. One API to write to, one set of auth credentials, that’s it.

Management & Support

One dashboard to manage, test, and monitor all of your connections backed by an expert integration team. Redox supports your connections from design through maintenance.

A Platform to Grow On

Redox’s unique network-style approach means that providers connected to Redox can connect to your product reusing connections and existing confidence in security across your data pipeline.

One Connection, Thousands of Possibilities

Locate patient identifiers

Stay up-to-date on provider info

Query and receive appointments

Direct Appointment Scheduling

Provide Wait Time Estimates

Receive patient summary

Receive real-time patient data

Share visit documentation

Complete Triage and Intake

Create new patient

Initiate Billing Activities

Stay up-to-date on patient demographics and insurance

SOC II® compliant through your whole messaging infrastructure

In healthcare privacy is essential. Redox’s connections protect sensitive data with HIPAA compliance and SOC 2® compliant infrastructure.

Redox’s security-first culture

Save over 100 hours annually per connection.

Your Team Build Yourself Build with Redox
145 Hours Less than 25 hours
Integration Analysts/Developers 40 hrs Less than 5 hrs
Network Engineer 5 hrs 0 hrs
Project Manager 20 hrs Less than 10 hrs
Maintenance 80 hrs 10 hrs

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Focus on Innovation

“The biggest reasons we switched to Redox from Mirth was the ongoing costs of customizing messages for each client. We had to invest in a lot of specialized knowledge and dedicated developers just to handle Mirth. We already do REST APIs so switching to Redox was a win-win.”

Glen Colby, Developer Lead, Healthwise

Fast Connections

“For us to connect to an Epic health system so quickly was amazing. Being able to focus on our product during that time and not worry about handling the integration was crucial to this project’s success.”

Shari Matkin, Product Manager, Breg