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EHR Integration API for Healthcare Products

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Redox is a single, secure API endpoint that connects and integrates provider EHRs with healthcare products and services. One connection to Redox improves developer productivity with data infrastructure services to eliminate many of the challenges of ingesting, processing, and storing healthcare data.

One connection, thousands of possibilities

Trusted Networks

Use a single connection to exchange data with thousands of providers

Read: Query providers nationwide for patient summary documents using Carequality and Commonwell

Write: Send new documents to any provider using the DirectTrust framework

Carequality with Redox

Redox on Salesforce


Retain your EHR vendor relationship while using Redox for technical simplicity

Read: Leverage automated polling and centralized authentication management

Write: Use a single query that Redox translates and bundles into the proprietary EHR formats and structure

EHRs Supported by Redox

Direct to Provider

Reduce custom development for point-to-point connections

Read: Receive pushed events or query for the data at the point you need the information

Write: Post data using JSON instead of custom HL7 messages

Over 950 provider connections

Cloud-based integration infrastructure designed for healthcare

We’ve already done the heavy lifting to make it easier for you to power your products with real-time patient data.

  • Healthcare integration infrastructure

    • Message processing and translation engine
    • Support for multiple EHR vendor API auth methods
    • Translation configuration library
    • FHIR-conformant data storage architecture
  • 24-7 Alerts, monitoring, & support

    • VPN heartbeat to ensure connectivity for TCP traffic
    • Automated alerts for message exchange failures
    • Error logs available within your dashboard
    • 24-7 on-call support for emergencies

Using Consistent Integration Workflows

HITRUST and SOC II compliant through your whole messaging infrastructure

In healthcare privacy is essential. Redox’s connections protect sensitive data with HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification, and SOC 2® compliant infrastructure.

Redox’s security-first culture

One connection, any EHR integration

AllScripts EHR Integration API

28+ Integrations with Allscripts

Athenahealth EHR Integration API

77+ Integrations with athenahealth

Cerner EHR Integration API

55+ Integrations with Cerner

eClinicalWorks EHR Integration API

22+ Integrations with eClinicalWorks

GE Centricity EHR Integration API

28+ Integrations with GE Centricity

41+ Integrations with Greenway

20+ Integrations with Meditech

41+ Integrations with NextGen

Save over 100 hours annually per connection.

Your Team Build Yourself Build with Redox
145 Hours Less than 25 hours
Integration Analysts/Developers 40 hrs Less than 5 hrs
Network Engineer 5 hrs 0 hrs
Project Manager 20 hrs Less than 10 hrs
Maintenance 80 hrs 10 hrs

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Focus on Innovation

“The biggest reasons we switched to Redox from Mirth was the ongoing costs of customizing messages for each client. We had to invest in a lot of specialized knowledge and dedicated developers just to handle Mirth. We already do REST APIs so switching to Redox was a win-win.”

Glen Colby, Developer Lead, Healthwise

Fast Connections

“For us to connect to an Epic health system so quickly was amazing. Being able to focus on our product during that time and not worry about handling the integration was crucial to this project’s success.”

Shari Matkin, Product Manager, Breg