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Unite patient identity records

A single source of truth for accurate patient identification

Maximize the value of your existing Redox API by knowing who is who with confidence. Ingest, match and link patient records across various data sources to a single ID with customized identifiers to provide a complete healthcare patient view.

How Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato works

Reduce manual effort

Optimize the workflow and solve complex identity issues by automating identity resolution, reclaiming costs of incomplete and incorrect data.

Innovate quickly

Add EMPI functionality with your Redox API, eliminating lengthy procurement of multiple third-party solutions so your team can focus on product innovation.

How it works

Verato’s native referential matching is independently verified and 98% accurate. Our cloud-based EMPI solution makes matches no other solution could make, and is built on:

  • Billions of records from credit, telco, government, and legal sources
  • Over 300M identities
  • 30 years of historical data
  • 60M updates per month
  • Highly curated data; 100,000+ hours of data science

Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato features

  • Native Referential Matching leaps beyond legacy approaches, reducing manual data stewardship 50–75%
  • Powered by a Curated Reference Database built on 30 years of historical data, over 300M identities, and 100K+ hours of data science
  • Customizable Smart Views let you define the best data to view patients and optimize accuracy based on your needs
  • Cloud-native SaaS platform built for healthcare deploys in weeks instead of months using your existing Redox API

Chroma matches and merges patient records

Chroma provides a single source of truth for patient identity so you can know who is who using your existing Redox API. Link records within and across multiple data-sources for higher quality decision making, operational efficiency, and an improved user experience.


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What others are saying about Redox

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Our goal was to introduce our services as quickly as possible to begin helping as many people as possible, and integrating with Redox got us there far faster than we could have on our own. We’re excited to be working with a leader like HSS and to collaborate on an issue in healthcare that has the potential to meaningfully improve the lives of so many patients.

Get Well

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Redox has provided us with the ability to integrate the Glooko platform into our Health System customer’s EHR in an efficient and timely manner, allowing for improved provider workflow and more effective treatment decisions at the point of care for patients with diabetes.

Jack Dainton
Enterprise Sales Executive, Glooko

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Redox has been a great partner for us. Their solution has proven to be robust and reliable, allowing our development teams to focus on delivering a great user experience knowing that Redox was supporting the data flows.

Dan Gaines
PVP of Product Management, CareVive