Provider Organizations: Integrate with Digital Health Solutions

Revamp legacy infrastructure for a digital world.

Redox is a full-service integration solution designed to simplify how you adopt new
technology and keep systems in sync.

Transform legacy EHR interfaces into a suite of reusable APIs

Never Exchange Specs Again

Redox ensures data is standardized and normalized for all of our partners. Send us your specs once—we build a configuration to translate all exchanged data to you or your partners’ specifications.

Support Bi-directional Exchange

Don’t limit yourself to what source systems traditionally support. Make available read, write, or query APIs for internal and external consumption.

Simplify Change Management

Save your team hours of redundant maintenance. When updating your EHR or making changes to other source systems, keep downstream integrations healthy with a single update to your Redox configuration.

Empower Innovation & IT Teams

Redox is a full service integration partner ready to optimize your digital transformation initiatives. Discover how a single connection to Redox provides your organization with a suite of reusable APIs that make exchanging data with authorized partners simple and secure.

Streamline Processes

Reduce VPNs, interface licenses, project timelines, and resource requirements. Redox eliminates redundant technical work by providing a single, reusable connection to power integrations.

Identify Opportunities

With Redox enabled, your organization is immediately interoperable with hundreds of vendors providing solutions across the spectrum of digital health including telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, disease management, digital therapeutics, and care coordination.

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Offload Liabilities

Simplify vendor management and reduce maintenance requirements. We partner with your IT team to maintain a single connection to our platform and handle all back and forth with vendors. Once live, our team keeps integrations healthy with 24/7 monitoring and first-responder issue triage.

“It’s a dog fight [for patients] these days in any given geography…Redox brings MTTI down from 100 days to 30. It’s alarmingly (in a good way) faster. And that’s a massive competitive advantage.”

Innovation Leader at Major Mid-Atlantic Health System
Completed 3 integrations with Redox

Cut Mean Time to Integration by 2/3

Integration doesn’t need to be scary. With strategic guidance and a powerful API we accelerate time to value for third party applications by reducing mean time to integration (MTTI).

Without Redox
Days to Integrate
With Redox
Days to Integrate

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Integrate with any vendor or provider organization with one simple, secure connection.

Delight Patients & Providers

Vendors powered by Redox are reinventing the way healthcare is delivered and received. Get to know a few of our partners.

Under the Hood

One Connection

Redox uses a single, secure connection to facilitate data exchange with any number of partners. We work with your existing systems and capabilities to simplify requirements by your team.

Redox Platform

Our highly performant platform offers unparalleled filtering and normalization tools that make frictionless healthcare data exchange possible. All you need to do is tell us what data you want to share with whom, we’ll handle configuration.

Built-In Security Safeguards

HIPAA and SOC2 compliance and HITRUST certification is only the beginning. Redox offers end-to-end testing, extensive monitoring, customizable alerts, and 24/7 issue triage support to all of our partners.

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Vendor Management

Redox acts as an extension of your team ensuring vendors meet necessary development deadlines and conform to specifications. Eliminate variability by always working with our team of integration experts to ensure projects are executed smoothly.

Proactive Maintenance

Our network design incentivizes us to get ahead of upgrades and changes so that we can implement updates efficiently and keep integrations running smoothly. We work with your IT team to stay ahead of the curve and handle Redox level configuration.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Every Redox integration is backed by robust monitoring tools and first responder engineer support. Extend the capabilities of your team by enlisting our experts to help you manage connections and quickly resolve issues that arise.


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Take control of your innovation roadmap.

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