Redox for providers

Use data to compose experiences and insights

Move past protocols to focus on composing the experiences your patients and providers expect.

Your clinical team
can differentiate

They can pour all their energy into supporting patient experiences that set you apart from competitors.

Providers Composable Patient Experience Diagram

Your IT team can innovate

Unlock the full potential of your team and allow them to concentrate on creating the innovative processes and patient-centric experiences that will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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Provider - Your IT team can innovate

Integrate using a modern API and consistent data format

health system IT security

SOC II and HIPAA compliant

One API to write to, one set of auth credentials

Redox supports your connections from design through maintenance

Compose your innovation

Accelerate RPM strategies

Connect your EHR to a variety of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) products to compose outstanding remote care experiences for patients and clinicians.

Improve transitions of care

Connect your EHR to other providers and networks to compose seamless care transition experiences.

Streamline prior authorization

Connect your EHR to payers, clearinghouses, RCM vendors, and more to compose custom prior authorization experiences.

Connect to the cloud

Connect your EHR to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud platforms to compose new experiences without disrupting business as usual.

Unleash in-house innovation

Connect products you develop in-house to your EHR to accelerate testing and adoption of custom experiences.

Download plug-and-play architecture

Plug-and-play architecture allows you to design a flexible technology to help you adapt to the transitional nature of patient needs. Rise above your competitors with unique offerings and composable experiences.

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Create composable experiences for your patients and care teams


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