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Comprehensive records from clinical networks without multiple BAAs

Connect quickly to unlock more records and providers

Experience seamless connectivity to national clinical networks like Carequality Interopability Framework and DirectTrust with Redox Access. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating complex hospital sales processes to obtain core patient data. Access opens the gates to clinical networks and a broad range of participating healthcare organizations, EHR systems, and other healthcare solutions.

Improve patient experience

Treat the whole patient using complete records of their medical history. Build better patient and provider experiences with comprehensive data to streamline workflows, and reduce manual or faxed data entry.

Accelerate your business

A single API connects you to nationwide clinical networks and individual EHR systems – so you can integrate faster, simpler, and in compliance with varying network requirements. Our infrastructure grows with you – no matter your size. Process millions of messages each month while maintaining data integrity as you scale.

Access features

  • Carequality and Direct Trust
  • Faster network access
  • Expanded search capability (100-mile radius)
  • Customized patient identifier
  • Auto Responder to automatically respond to all mandatory queries

Access use cases

Retrieve patient contextual information to improve workflows, cut burnout, and reduce time in the chart for providers.

  • Shorten prep time for patient appointments
  • Better match patients to the right services or specialists
  • Increase patient compliance with more accurate care plans.

Access is your single connection to clinical networks

Connect to clinical networks and their member organizations. Use the same requests to search for patients and clinical documents, so you can send data directly to an individual EHR system. With Access, you send and receive medical records and documents with all network participants.

What others are saying about Redox

Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation logo

Our partnership with Redox has exceeded expectations. We can better serve families as they join the program, as well as connect with health provider networks throughout the state. By removing much of the paperwork involved in bringing people in, we can focus on getting their families on their journey to improved health.

Lisette Khalil
Operations Director, Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation

Lifelink Systems logo

We ended up with so much volume with our first ED customer, the way they interacted with us wasn’t sustainable. We wanted to switch to a VPN, but they struggled with that. We realized this was our chance to move over to Redox integration. We decided to move all our customers over to Redox to gain other advantages as well.

Jacob Heitler
VP of Product, Lifelink

NowPow logo

It can sometimes be difficult to pitch integration projects to health systems, but it helps to have a partner that can reduce the technical lift. Doing the patient data sync is such a huge benefit to the health system, and we’re happy to have Redox as a partner to help expedite what could otherwise be a long and costly project.

Lisa Lee-Herbert
Implementation and Product Support Lead, NowPow

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