Build vs. buy: the integrator’s dilemma

August 10, 2016
Nick John Head of Compliance and Risk Management

For digital health application developers, creating an amazing health solution is just the beginning of getting into patients and providers hands. Between creation and delivery, there’s plenty of decisions to be made regarding how to develop, market, and sell your product.

Though there is a great deal of variance in product development and marketing strategy, when thinking about how to integrate with an EHR, all digital health applications are faced with one fundamental question:

Do I build out my product and team to handle integration myself, or do I find an outside party to perform this service for me?

While seemingly straightforward, there are many issues that can tip the scale either way. If you’re considering integrating in house, you’re likely in the midst of talking with your business leaders about how integrating alone will impact your product timeline, your team’s time and resources, and your company’s bottom line.

In this short webinar, we’ll discuss key considerations in making this decision: up-front costs, speed to market, required expertise, credibility, and scalability.

View slides here.

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