Consolidated developer settings

March 29, 2022
Mike Product Manager

Today, we’re releasing an update to the Redox Dashboard to simplify how Redox integration settings are displayed.

Specifically, there is now a “Developer” page where users can configure how their system or application integrates with Redox. This page prominently features Redox API Keys and Endpoints, the primary integration method of most Redox customers, alongside a listing of other configurations when needed.

Each configuration on the Developer page corresponds to an action or set of actions that can be performed to exchange data via Redox: SEND, REQUEST, RECEIVE, or RESPOND. Further, the Data Flow diagram for each Connection describes which action and configuration can be utilized for each Data Model than can be exchanged with that Connection.

For those familiar with the previous design, the “Developer” page replaces the previous pages for “Sources” and “Destinations”, as well as all table views of “Subscriptions”. That said, the same information remains available to all users within the new design. More details on the difference between old and new can be found here.

Other Adjustments

In addition to the new “Developer” page, we’ve made some small adjustments to a few other Dashboard pages to accommodate this new design. Specifically:

This update represents the final stage of an overall redesign of our Dashboard that we hope to build upon to make Redox more transparent and accessible to our users. If you have feedback about this change, please provide it via the green “Feedback” tab on the right hand side of the appropriate page within the Dashboard. Thank you!

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