How health systems overcome RPM challenges and recognize opportunities

December 9, 2022
Jessica Bonham-Werling Head of Marketing

Last month we had the pleasure of working with Executives for Health Innovation to produce a conversation on overcoming the barriers to RPM implementation. Panelists included Beth Friedman from Northwell Health and Redox Sr. Product Manager, Colin Wearing. During the discussion, the EHI moderator, Emma Valinsk, led Beth and Colin through a broad range of topics, including:

Beth started the conversation with an excellent summary of her recent efforts to build an enterprise patient monitoring capability at Northwell. She has put a priority on building a platform that allows for the aggregation of data from RPM devices – both those they use today, and those they will use in the future.

Beth also talked about the challenges and opportunities they have faced as they have built the program, including the impact on clinician workflows.

“We want our providers to practice at the top of their license, and we don’t want them spending time on tech support. So we work very closely with our vendors to make the process a bit smoother.”

Next, Colin shared insight into the challenges that Redox’s provider partners and prospects face with RPM, and how the Redox RPM Accelerator can overcome them – helping providers compose optimized clinician experiences without sacrificing the patient experience.

“[Redox] reduces the amount of effort and focus you place on the technology platform so you can focus on making sure the data is good, you understand it, that the patient experience is well crafted, and that you have an efficient and effective clinician experience.”

After panelist intro presentations, EHI moderator, Emma Valinsk led an engaging Q&A session. She started by asking Beth and Colin to reflect on the top things RPM program leaders should convey to help others understand the ROI of RPM solutions. Answers included the importance of offering services at scale, effectively educating clinicians, ensuring that data can be used to justify reimbursement, and how to mitigate complexity to manage costs.

Later, Emma asked how RPM programs can achieve sustainability. Among the answers to this question was a reflection from Beth on the cyclical nature of the common “build vs. buy” question.

We have pulled some highlights, but encourage you to replay the full webinar, available on the EHI website here. There is a wealth of information and knowledge bombs throughout. A huge thank you to EHI for co-producing this event, and to Beth Friedman for taking the time to share her insights and amazing work at Northwell Health.

To learn more about how Redox’s RPM Accelerator can help you avoid the potential barriers to building your own enterprise remote patient monitoring offering, drop us a line.

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