June 2017 Redox development updates

August 12, 2017
Nijay Patel Head of Product

Welcome to our monthly product update. At Redox, our number one goal is to provide a solution to all of your integration needs, not just one or two of them. That’s why even though we’ve built a modern API for data exchange, our team is constantly improving our product and rolling out new features for you to use. You’ll find our most recent updates below, along with highlights on a few of the problems we’re currently working to solve.

If anything piques your interest, or if you have any feedback, we are always listening on Slack.

Recent Updates

Improved Developer Documentation

This month we launched a new developer documentation center to make getting started with the Redox API as easy as possible. Most notably, we’ve combined a number of tutorials from our Resource Centerso you can quickly find what you need in one location.

This new documentation center will include contextual guides and tutorials to help you as you design your product with healthcare data integration. In the coming weeks, we plan to add new tutorials to help you better understand the healthcare technology and EHR landscape for specific workflows, such as Direct Scheduling, Orders and Results, and Clinical Documentation. If there’s a particular workflow or area of healthcare that you’d like to see a Redox tutorial for, let us know!

Basic Authentication

In addition to the variety of authentication methods we already support (including OAuth 2.0 and SAML), we can now integrate with health systems using basic authentication.

drchrono Adapter

We recently released a drchrono API adapter that enables practices using drchrono to seamlessly integrate with other health systems using other EHRs. Workflows currently supported include patient creation, scheduling, order creation (as well as updating problems), and medications and allergies in a patient chart.

JSON Schema v4 Files

Our API Reference documentation can help you get started with our data model structure and understand which discrete data elements you can expect with an integration through Redox. To simplify your build onto the Redox API, we’ve released JSON schema files for all of our Data Models. You can download them here.


This month we held our first user event! It took place in Chicago, IL at Matter Health, who were gracious and excellent hosts. It was great to meet our partners from companies including BabyscriptsHealthy Interactions, and SurvivorPlan. We spent the day discussing both business strategies in healthcare technology as well as technical integration on the Redox API to one of our EHR sandbox environments.

Coming Up

Here are a few of the projects our engineering team is building right now:

drchrono Adapter: Notes – Expanding on the workflows we already support for the drchrono EHR, we will soon support document and clinical notes integrations. This will enable documents or notes written in drchrono to be sent to document management systems, applications, or other clinical EHRs.

Booked Appointments Query – We currently support integrations with this query for the athenahealth EHR. Soon, we will support this query across nearly all EHR systems, allowing you to query for upcoming and past appointments by patient, provider, provider group, or visit location. You can find the API specifications for this query here.

Patient Education Data Model – This data model will enable Redox to support problem list integrations and tracking of patient education details. While this information is partially available in our Clinical Summary data model today, this dedicated data model will include greater level detail including patient goals associated with particular problems.

That’s all for this month! We hope these updates give you some clarity about what we’re working on and what you can expect to see from Redox coming up. We’re excited to be working on these features that will enable our partners to do amazing things in health tech.

Like we mentioned above, we love hearing feedback and your thoughts on what we should build next. Let us know in the comments or on Slack!

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