May 2017 Redox development updates

May 29, 2017
Nijay Patel Head of Product

May 2017 Redox Development Updates
Welcome to our monthly product update. At Redox we strive to provide a solution to all of your integration needs. Our team is constantly improving our product and rolling out new features for you to use. You’ll find some of our most recent updates below, along with a highlight of some of the problems we are currently working to solve. If anything piques your interest or if you have any feedback, we are always listening on Slack.

Recent Updates
Filtering Message Logs
We previously released a number of filters to our message logs to allow you to quickly find transactions of interest. Now you have even more filters to choose from, including Event Type, Errored Messages, and Resubmitted Messages. Thank you to all who provided feedback on the update from last month.

Automated Notifications
Should a VPN tunnel between Redox and a system go down (often a network blip, sometimes an extended outage), we automatically notify our on-call engineer to immediately investigate. These alerts are now coupled with automated notifications to the partner systems’ support teams to expedite the escalation process and get things resolved faster. We plan to expand these notifications to include additional alert types and notifying integrated applications as well.

SFTP Communication Method
We now support sending Media, Notes, and Claims messages through SFTP. This communication method is particularly useful for X12 messages which are often sent in large batches and PDF documents that may need to be uploaded to a document management system.

Large File Integrations
The Redox BLOB has been used to receive large files across the Redox API using an upload API endpoint. We have implemented the use of our BLOB server for health system integrations as well. Redox now supports file sizes up to 10MB by default (and even more through your unique configuration).

User Permissions Management
We understand that teams often have a need to restrict specific functions to team members. For example, a consultant may not require access to sensitive information (such as PHI). This week we are rolling out changes that will allow an organization owner to use the user permissions page to restrict PHI access. We are exploring additional permission levels such as Source and Destination configurations. Read more on how to set this up here.

Coming Up
Here are a couple of the projects our engineering team is building right now.

Developer Documentation – In order to make it as easy as possible to find the information required to build on the Redox API, we are revamping our documentation structure to combine our API reference guide with our developer tutorials and guides from the Resource Center.

Booked Appointments Query – We currently support integrations with this query for the athenahealth EHR. Shortly we will support this query across nearly all EHR systems – allowing you to query for upcoming and past appointments by patient, provider, provider group, or visit location. You can find the API specifications for this query here.

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