The Redox Podcast 41: Epic and Judy Faulkner’s legacy with Forbes’ Katie Jennings

April 12, 2021
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

You must have seen the story right? Judy Faulkner, Epic’s Founder and CEO took a rare interview with Katie Jennings of Forbes. Long story short, Katie talks with Judy, Niko talks with Katie on this week’s episode of the Redox podcast. We get into Epic culture, position in the market, and Judy’s perspective on their long-term position in this quickly evolving market. 

Key Moments

02:09 – Katie’s background and journey to Forbes
04:30 – Approaches to learning about nuanced topics in healthcare quickly
05:57 – How did Katie find herself investigating interoperability and, ultimately, Epic
09:18 – A decade of health tech and the interop problem
11:13 – The second richest self-made billionaire: Judy Faulkner
15:03 – What was Judy like in an interview
17:09 – Judy’s view on competition and innovation
21:33 – Judy’s unique approach to company building: never go public
25:58 – What is Katie covering next?
28:05 – How to get covered in Forbes?

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