The Redox Podcast 24: The digital episode of care with Bronwyn Spira of Force Therapeutics

July 7, 2020
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

It’s an honor to have Bronwyn Spira, CEO of Force Therapeutics, on the show today. Force is a leading episode-based digital care platform and is also one of Redox’s first customers from back in 2015. We were able to catch up on what they’re seeing in the marketplace including how the pandemic has affected the world of episodic care that they primarily operate within.

Key Moments

02:00 – How Force supports customers (NYU, Geisinger, Muve Health, Northwell, etc.)
09:25 – The importance of a clinical team
10:32 – Being in NYC for the pandemic and a Redox pizza party
14:02 – A VIRTUAL Escape Room?! (link here, thanks Rachel!)
15:29 – Standing up telehealth in one week
20:42 – Telehealth as a commoditized feature
22:03 – How do you digitize something so physical?
27:58 – Utilizing data for clinical research
34:43 – Collaborating with academics and AI for customized care plans
37:21 – A Redox commercial from Bronwyn 😉

I think they’re a great example of how to build a multi-sided platform in healthcare. They were able to take advantage of regulatory tailwinds with the move to bundles to find early footing, then listen to their customers and patients to drive more value and engagement, then leveraged their data asset to contribute to research and improve their product experience by creating customized data-driven care plans. I’ve heard many many entrepreneurs pitch these sorts of stories but it’s far more rare—especially in healthcare—to see them fulfilled.

Thanks again Bronwyn, for being on the show, for being a customer, and for the work you do to improve patient outcomes every day.

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