The Redox Podcast 25: eConsults and coping with the year 2020 with Gil Addo of RubiconMD

July 27, 2020
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

Gil Addo is the co-founder and CEO of RubiconMD, the leading eConsults platform connecting primary care to specialists around the country. I’ve known Gil for years and have always felt a kinship of sorts with him as I feel like we came from the same era of health tech startups, seeing him over and over again at similar early-stage digital health events around the country. Our conversation dives into his business quite a bit and explores factors in the changing healthcare landscape like value-based care, new primary care delivery models, and systemic racism in society and our industry. 

Key Moments

01:54 – What does RubiconMD do?
08:12 – RubiconMD’s startup story
11:19 – How they solved the chicken or egg problem
14:24 – Emerging primary care models
17:09 – Pandemic-caused changes
27:07 – Are we still moving towards value-based care?
30:43 – Gil’s optimist view on systemic racism
34:40 – Shield implicit bias in specialty consults
36:40 – The future for RubiconMD

Thanks again to Gil and the whole team at RubiconMD for the work they do. Find Gil on Twitter, LinkedIn, or RubiconMD’s website