The Redox Podcast 27: Nikita, Nikhil, and Niko

September 22, 2020
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

Nikita Singareddy and Nikhil Krishnan joined me on the show this week. You don’t often hear their last names as these two have rapidly earned their way into the ranks of first-name status in our industry. I wanted to have both of them on the show together as they have incredible rapport and both bring an absolutely refreshing and unique perspective on the industry, as younger analysts having graduated college in ‘16 and ’14. 

Nikita (@singareddynm) is the creator of the Waiting Room blog. Her recent coverage of the new interoperability regulations is one of the best out there. In her day job, she’s an investor at RRE Ventures. She cut her teeth in healthcare working at Oscar Health.

Nikhil (@nikillinit) is the creator of the Out-Of-Pocket blog. He brings a satirical slant to his coverage of more esoteric slices of our industry, employing memes throughout to shine a light on the ridiculousness of the various arrangements he uncovers. 

The conversation jumps around a bit and they end up making my job really easy, interviewing each other on how they met, industry trends, how they got into the space, and tips for young people trying to do the same.

I hope you enjoy the conversation! As always, send any feedback, suggestions, ideas to [email protected]

Key Moments

02:51 – Nikhil’s background avoiding healthcare
05:04 – Tips for people breaking into healthcare
06:56 – What will change as Millennials and GenZ emerge
11:18 – Creating a safe environment for creative courage
13:34 – Here’s the Venture Stories podcast Nikita mentions
17:13 – Nikita’s journey from Oscar to RRE
19:28 – Current industry trends driving Nikhil’s and Nikita’s investments
28:33 – How consumers are poised to upend existing business models
35:15 – Nikita’s thoughts on her next job
37:46 – Nikhil’s vision for Out-Of-Pocket


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