Redox quarterly Q4 2020: Grow through change

November 23, 2020
David Millsaps Senior Director, Brand and Growth Marketing

Redox has a commitment to support healthcare product growth and that commitment has never been more valuable than during the Covid pandemic. At last week’s event Redoxreleased a portfolio of new product enhancements and opportunities for customers to accelerate their growth along side industry forecasts from top thinkers in the industry.

When you watch the keynote you will see three themes for Redox in Q4 and all are designed to support product teams and developers in innovation and growth.

The first is how Redox has accelerated EHR integration connection speed for key healthcare product verticals like: care coordination, telehealth, labs, and patient monitoring.

As you may know Redox now has over 1000 connections to health care organizations and while the value of those existing connections hasn’t always been clear for our customers, we have added tools to help them take advantage of those existing connections:

The network explorer is being exposed for Redox customers allowing them to identify and target health care organizations already using Redox.

Additionally we have cataloged our customers in a healthcare product catalog to help providers search and identify products that they can connect to with the speed, security and ease that Redox offers.

You can learn about both of these customer marketing programs in George’s session by registering here: Redox Quarterly: Q4 2020.

We also feature customers, Mend, Carevive and Glooko in a session called Digital Health Done Right as they talk about how their products create value using EHR Integration.

Redox also announced our membership in the AWS marketplace and the Salesforce Marketplace. And we recapped how products can join Carequality via Redox to broaden their access to patient data and increase their value for providers.

We provide an overview on FHIR for healthcare product teams and how Redox’s support for this emerging standard is evolving. Nijay Patel from Redox gives a comprehensive overview for product teams as they plan their integration strategy.

Finally looking toward the future, our president Niko Skievaski has a conversation with Terrance Hibbert, former Director of Innvation at University of Mississippi Medical Center where they react to thought leaders in healthcare about how things will change in 2021, post Covid. The guests include: Dr. Bill Hansen, CMIO of UPenn, Jonathan Bush, Executive Chairman of Firefly and founder of athenahealth, Stephanie Tilenius CEO of Vida, Aaron Patzer CEO of Vital.

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